Apple shares 10 tricks to exploit on your iPhone

Apple shares 10 tricks to exploit on your iPhone

Apple has shared ten helpful tips for iPhone users, to help get the most out of their device and teach new customers — some of the features they may not know about.

In a video on its support channel, Apple shared Ten tips and tricks for new features in iOS 16 and later:

  1. If you tap and hold a subject inside a photo in the Photos app on ‌iOS 16‌, you can lift the subject from the photo and place it in another app.
  2. The new lock screen in iOS 16‌ allows users to customize many elements, including the color and style of the time and date, add widgets, and more.
  3. in a Settings -> WifiYou can select a saved Wi-Fi access point to read and copy/paste the password.
  4. If you’re typing the same thing over and over, like your email or home address, you can create automatic text replacements Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Text Replacement.
  5. If your battery is low or you want to save some battery life when you don’t have access to a charger, you can add a power saving mode switch to Control Center to speed up its use. go to the Settings -> Control Center and add it to the list of built-in controls.
  6. If you want to share or move multiple photos to another app, touch and hold a photo, move it, and proceed to tap other photos. You will then be able to drag and drop all the photos to other apps or locations in iOS.
  7. If you want to quickly open the camera, tap and hold the camera shortcut in the bottom right corner of the iPhone lock screen‌.
  8. With iOS 15 and later, you can use Live Text to automatically translate text in the Camera app or within a photo. In the Camera app, point your camera at a text and tap on the live text that appears in the right corner, then select Translate from the options shown. This can also work for photos already taken that are in the Photos app.
  9. With the Notes app, you can easily scan a piece of paper and make a digital copy of it. Notes will automatically and correctly crop and edit the image so that the document appears legible without reflections.
  10. If you are curious to see what your first photo is in your library, you can easily discover it with just one click. In the Photos app, simply tap the iPhone‌’s top edge to go to the first photo in any specific library, album, or search result.
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And you, what tricks do you know?


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