They always sell the usual falling investments. How do we get out? –

They always sell the usual falling investments.  How do we get out?  –

panorama Video Games at Italia For 2021, depicted in the latest report from IIDEA, on the one hand, it is disappointing on the other. In fact, if it is true that the Italian market has generated revenue of 2.2 billion euros, then it is also true They always sell the usual products At the same time, they are recording bearish investments Regarding localization in our language.

How do we get out? The question is obviously cultural and the role of video game magazines like is very clear: talking about productions large and small, trying to excite people, motivating them to discover new species rather than petrifying. However, when information travels to other channels where the basic principle is just to follow trends and crunch numbers, things get complicated.

FIFA 22, Mbappe quickly intercepts. Or is it a cross?

Let’s be clear: this is not about Triple A vs indieBut Iqbal against everything else. We know that FIFA 22 was the best-selling game of 2021 in Italy, and that in the same order, the previous version of EA football was ranked third. In the middle we find GTA V instead, a title published in the now distant 2014 year, but this never came out of the top ten.

To see something other than FIFA or GTA, you have to go down to fourth, where we find the best expression of The historical Italian passion for PlayStation And for its flagship brand, Spider-Man, followed by the quarantine phenomenon Animal Crossing: New Horizons and then another seemingly timeless Minecraft game on the Nintendo Switch version. The point is that it is not known how wide the gap between the podium and the rest of the standings is.

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GTA V has sold over 160 million copies but it hasn't been dubbed into Italian, so to speak
GTA V has sold over 160 million copies but it hasn’t been dubbed into Italian, so to speak

What are the consequences of such a steady market? The decline in investments, first of all with regard to localization. In 2019, there was an exciting case of Control, an excellent shooter game by Remedy Entertainment, produced by an Italian publisher who did not consider it appropriate to dubbed the game in our language. In all others, yes, in ours no.

Then came the turn of Far Cry 6, which was not dubbed in Italian: never before, even the original 2004 chapter was completely translated into our language. However, examples abound: even products that don’t have a great deal of dialogue, see Forza Horizon 4 and 5, don’t speak Italian. L ‘Economic commitmentObviously , Not being paid.

Let’s go back to the initial question: how can we make sure that the ranking of the best-selling games in Italy becomes a little bit more dynamic, rewards new releases, is it an expression of a really passionate user who cares about the evolution of the medium? We’ve already said that video game magazines are doing their part in terms of revelations, trying to make ends meet between trendy names and “public service”.

And therefore The ball passes to you: The grandson advised intermingling Fortnite games with some single player narrative experiences; Explain to the football fan that in addition to the FUT dump, there are also amazing action games, exciting adventures and indie pearls; Tell a COD fanatic that there are unregistered shooters that allow you to choose where to go and what to do rather than lead you by hand from one gun battle to the next.

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What do you think, can it be done? Let’s talk about.

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