The war in Ukraine and the Kremlin attack: “Drones over Moscow are an act of terrorism”

The war in Ukraine and the Kremlin attack: “Drones over Moscow are an act of terrorism”

Drones over Moscow, international clash. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called the attempted drone attack, which is believed to be the work of Ukrainian forces, on the territory of the Moscow region an “act of terrorism”. “The attempt of the Kiev regime to attack the area where the civilian infrastructure is located, including the airport, which, by the way, accepts foreign flights, is another terrorist act,” Zakharova wrote on Telegram. “Considering that Zelensky carries out these terrorist attacks with weapons supplied by the West or bought with Western money, this is international terrorism,” he added. “The international community must realize that the United States, Great Britain and France – permanent members of the United Nations Security Council – finance the terrorist regime,” the spokeswoman concluded.

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Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin confirmed the same drone attack, on Telegram: “Another attempt was made to attack with Ukrainian drones” in the “Moscow region”. At the moment, “the air defense refused the attacks. Forces, all detected drones have been eliminated. For safety reasons, some flights have been temporarily diverted from Vnukovo Airport. No casualties or injuries have been reported and relief is on the spot.”

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