The United States sells 3 warships to Greece, a new slap in the face for France-

From Paolo Fushi

The $9.4 billion contract also includes the supply of missile systems to other naval units in Athens and follows the submarine issue in Australia.

after The case of Anglo-American submarines purchased from Australia by a decision that greatly angered Paris, Create diplomatic issue
That has been discussed for weeks, there is now a risk of sparking new tensions Between Washington and Paris, but this time it might also end up in the middle Turkey. In fact, the United States announced a military agreement with Greece worth $9.4 billion, which includes – among the various parties – the sale Three frigates built by Lockheed Martin (6.9 billion in gross order): These are LCS-derived combat ships, produced in the United States in cooperation with Fincantieri’s American subsidiary. I Multi-role naval units equipped with radar, missiles and artillery to operate in the coastal waters of the archipelago in front of Turkey. Or to work on the high seas. The remainder of the order is intended for the modernization of four Meko 200 frigates, which will be equipped with electronic systems similar to those of new ships purchased in the United States.

The sale will enhance Greece’s ability to confront current and future threats with a naval deterrent capable of protecting maritime interests and infrastructure to support its strategic location on NATO’s southern flank. A statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained that the contract does not change the military balance in the region. Indeed, the agreement with Greece risks angering Turkey, whose relations with the United States have repeatedly in recent years reached high levels of tension. What will be the response of the Turkish president? Recep Tayyip Erdogan? To be sure, the agreement between Washington and Athens will not be well received in France. In fact, Paris recently acquired the supply of 3 frigates worth over €4 billion, a contract that is in danger of being skipped at this point.

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