“The United offer will come.” hot hours

“The United offer will come.”  hot hours

The Red Devils will have to put 100 million on the Nigerian card board. Confident Mendes

The operation is one of those that is performed when all the joints are in place. And the pieces of the puzzle in this case are more numerous because we are talking about the five times golden ball Cristiano Ronaldo. Time is running out, the gong is set for Thursday at 20 but for the Portuguese champion the track Naples It is more alive than ever. His agent, the strongest Jorge Mendes, The architect of the deal himself, he is confident of that. And the arrival of Brazilian winger Anthony from Ajax to Manchester is not an obstacle for him: a team show united for the president De Laurentiis Finally it will come. On the board, the Red Devils will have to put 100 million to the card Victor Osimhen (Requests Naples 130), for free lending ronaldo, In a total defeat with Manchester – also on Saturday – he started from the bench – ensuring 80-85% of his net salary of 24m is covered.

As reported by Corriere della Sera CR7 He would have already given the green light to move to the blue, also guaranteeing him the Champions League stage. argument Ronaldo The topic on the meeting table will be that the President De Laurentiis, On his return to Naples, he will be with ad Chiavelli and ds Giuntoli.

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For Cristiano Ronaldo, the club’s number one player would also be willing to give up image rights, a key point in all of his transfer negotiations. In the blue top list also farewell Fabian Ruiz Towards Paris Saint-Germain and the arrival of the Luciano Spalletti de Stadium Keylor Navas. But CR7 will take the entire show. Looking forward to the news from England.

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