February 6, 2023

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Covit-19 | Pharmacist sentenced to three years in prison for tampering with vaccines

(Washington) A U.S. vaccinator who pleaded guilty to knowingly tampering with hundreds of doses of the corona virus vaccine has been sentenced to three years in prison, the judiciary said Tuesday.

According to a ministry report, 46-year-old Steven Brandenburg “deliberately” removed bottles of the Modern vaccine from their refrigerator at a hospital in Wisconsin (north).

The pharmacist was also ordered to pay $ 83,800 in compensation to the hospital.

He removed a box of vials from the two night shifts in December and took them out of the refrigerator for several hours before putting them back into administration the next day.

A total of 57 people received bad vaccines, the report said.

“Attempting to deliberately tamper with a vaccine during a national health emergency is a serious crime,” said Brian Pointon, deputy attorney general for the ministry’s civil affairs division.

Steven Brandenburg, who admitted to being a conspirator, believed that the COVID-19 vaccine was dangerous to people and could harm them and alter their DNA.

Vaccines from the American laboratory Moderna, such as the American-German Pfizer-Bioentech vaccine, are based on the use of messenger RNA, a new method of teaching the immune system to fight a virus. More than 124 million doses of the modern vaccine have been given in the United States.

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