The trick is to make it big on the app

The trick is to make it big on the app

One of the secrets that has allowed Instagram to get so creative is the secret button. The key is to discover the button that takes amazing selfies.

Mark Zuckerberg Instagram (and Facebook) are considering launching a paid service in Europe, according to reports The New York Timeswhich he launched Certainly an interesting indiscretion. First, the timing of the launch of this innovation is unclear because it is still a hypothetical step, but most importantly, according to American sources, it will not replace the two dead social networks in any way.

Instagram is stronger than rumorsAlthough the boom of TikTok has allowed it to be overtaken, the social photo network has been very popular in Italy for years. For millions of young people, once school lessons are finished, it is the (virtual) place where they gather every day. It is therefore a widely used social network in Italy, also for bomb selfies that are becoming increasingly popular.

But how is it achieved? This is the most common question, so let’s learn about it together.

Secret button on Instagram: here’s how to find out

Basically there is a secret setting you can turn on to optimize it The quality of your personal photos And drive your followers crazy. We need to start from the basic assumption. All photos and videos on Instagram are compressed, just like when using WhatsApp. This is despite news recently emerging that Meta is trying to provide the ability to share photos and videos High precision with minimal pressure. In fact, it will have happened to everyone to post a photo that later turns out to be of low quality on the app.

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Makeup for Instagram (ANSA)

On Instagram, everything is set up automatically when you upload a photo or post. Do you want to take selfies of the highest quality? You can certainly do this, but you need to adjust the settings first, so that your content has an advantage.

To change the quality of your Instagram uploads, you first need to start by determining the placement on your profile page. Then you need to click On the three horizontal lines icon in Classic mode at the top right. So at this point you have to go In Settings and Privacy. From there you have to scroll down until you get there Data usage and media quality: Here the Instagram secret is revealed: by activating the highest quality uploads, you will finally be able to upload excellent quality selfies and make them big on Instagram.

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