The transformation is incredible, here is his dream home

The transformation is incredible, here is his dream home

buy one Homepage In ruins for a pound, 1.18 euros is fine, but the transformation is unbelievable. This is one story Womena 35-year-old yoga teacher who paid a pittance for a dilapidated country house in Liverpool Turn it into his parents’ house dreams.

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innovative project

In 2015, Maxine Sharples He was a postgraduate MA student at Liverpool John Moores University, but he did not have the money to buy a house. Thus was born what, now, was launched by Liverpool City Council as one creative scheme to redevelop the city. “Houses in pounds“It is an innovative project that seeks to bring back life Dilapidated and empty properties And provide a new opportunity for people to enter the real estate market. The scheme allows people to buy dilapidated property for themselves one pound. Then, with their money and resources, they have to bring the homes back to life as part of an agreement with the city council. The project received national attention and was the focus of the 2018 Canal 4 documentary.

finally transfer

After seven years of waiting, hard work and effort, Maxine has finally arrived here Transfer In his one-pound home. But it was a long and arduous process for Maxine, who was technically homeless and lived outside her future home for years, inside an RV, during renovations.

Extension due to covid

For years, she had been waiting for the call to allocate a home from her “Homes for a Pound” project and finally called Maxine in 2019. She then received the keys to her home on Webster Road in February 2020. She was told she only had 12 months to complete it Renovationsbut after a few weeks, the world dealt with COVID-19. Fortunately, I got an additional one year extension and went to work.

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“With traders in short supply, I started working a lot on my own. I rolled up my sleeves and gave life to my dream house – Maxine told local media -. It took nine months to lay all the bricks and I borrowed electricity from my neighbours. There was no shortage of problems. A hole in the ceiling led To slow everything down due to water leakage and a colony of rats I had to expel.

her success

After the first difficulties, Maxine got a taste of it and became not only the designer of the house, but also decided to completely remodel the design of the house. “The house, a two-bedroom Victorian balcony, was dark and damp. I needed light for my plants and my soul. So I asked an architect to come up with my idea of turn the house. By removing the mezzanine and all of the interior walls of the upper floor, I created this double height open space. My budget was 60 thousand pounds to renovate the house and I spent 56 thousand pounds. There are still some jobs I would like to do to make it my dream home, but they cost around £10,000 so I will do them over time. I was homeless For over two years, I’ve been living in my camper and couldn’t get any moreor satisfied from my new home. I am a supporter of the program, it is a very innovative and successful idea.”

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