The system does not believe in itself

The system does not believe in itself

The worst thing about the amnesty law case is not the way it highlighted the weakness of Pedro Sánchez's presidency. The worst part is not the disappointment it caused to voters who thought they had regained the effectiveness of their political representation space. The worst thing is not the coming and going of the People's Party, which hesitates between defending its ideas in the street or in Parliament. The worst part is the wear and tear on institutions, of all people. Especially in Congress and the judiciary. Passing the Emergency Measures Law, forcing the Bureau to ignore lawyers’ doubts, and enabling January. God forbid that in the end those who demanded this law and agreed on its text before the inauguration vote against it and obstruct its treatment.

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We said at the time that changing the pardon position was a risky process because someone who did not want the former would never support the latter. Some judges also opposed it, not for legal or national defense reasons, but because they do not understand why politics sent the case to them and is now taking it from them. Finally, two justices attempt to enter the star category by issuing preliminary responses to amendments that are approved or rejected in Congress. Or at least they don't mind giving that impression even if it doesn't match reality. It was not important for the Socialist Workers Party to create the opposite impression, which it issued legislation in response to its interlocutors.

It can be understood that the uncompensated independence would prefer to exhaust the state before obtaining amnesty for the convicts and accused, but it is difficult to understand that the SWP and the judges do not believe in the system that supports them. In order for these interlocutors to reach firm rulings, a full judicial procedure is needed that passes through the Attorney General, the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court, through which the laws that are approved must pass. Do they remember?

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