The store in Sabadell that has cataloged a million stamps from around the world

The store in Sabadell that has cataloged a million stamps from around the world

They have for sale nearby 400,000 stamps. Over the years they have cataloged it Nearly a million, which may have at some point passed through the store before reaching the hands of a collector. the Feldome Store, in Carrer de Jesús, in the centre, has been struggling for more than 50 years to revitalize the world of philately and numismatics. “I think stamp collecting was the most widespread hobby in the whole world,” he recalls. Jordi Domingo, store managerWith his brother.

Jordi Domingo, pictured in his shop, in Carrer de Jesús

“In the 1970s, there was a boom in stamp collecting, but now that boom in stamp collecting has been lost,” he admits. They are the third generation of this trade, which opened its doors in 1971, and has always been linked to the city to serve as a bridge between stamps and the history of the rest of the world. “Look, now on the table I have all the letters with beautiful and various stamps, which we send to her Mexico, Peru or India“It’s all lost,” Domingo says. “It’s all lost,” he laments.

Realizing that the popularity of stamp collecting had declined, the Domingo brothers were also involved in numismatics for years. “It’s our other strength, coins and notes.” They now have a collection for sale of about 1,300 coins and nearly 3,000 banknotes. Coins of the Catholic Monarchs That date from 1400, In the succession of Abd al-Rahman III That of Remote places of the worldMade of stone or copper. “Coins are becoming more fashionable,” explains the store manager. “Now you open social media and see videos telling you that depending on what currency you are worth, it is worth more than 35,000 euros.” Jordi does not bite: “Coins that are truly worth the calais are rarely in circulation, there are only a few of them and they are already ready for collectors.” In fact, at Phildom they are already accustomed to receiving approximately a dozen calls a day from people asking about the value of different coins. They might have found it at the bottom of the stairs, in their purse, or on a cobblestone in the street.

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The store also specializes in Unpublished discoveries and monuments. “We have a music box from 1904 that is in excellent condition, which I love because usually all the hardware found is damaged,” he explains. “Or a movie projector, also from the early 1900s, that has a very strange shape, with the film teeth in the middle,” he adds. These are just two examples of all the curiosities hidden among the shelves and corners of the Phildom store.

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