The Steam Deck is heavily discounted, and Valve is anticipating summer sales

The Steam Deck is heavily discounted, and Valve is anticipating summer sales

Steam sales They will arrive on Thursday, June 27, but Valve has decided to anticipate them in some way Steam Deck Discount. In particular, the 64GB version is offered at a price of 313.65 euros (instead of 369 euros), while the 512GB version is at 398.65 euros (instead of 469 euros). Therefore, a 15% discount has been applied to both models. The offer is valid until 7:00 pm (Italian time) on July 11. Or until supplies last.

As long as supplies last

The most attractive offer The 512GB NVMe SSD-equipped LCD model, which features a 1280 x 800 LCD display with 7-inch anti-reflective etched glass, up to 60Hz refresh rate, Wi-Fi 5, and a 40-watt-hour battery that guarantees 2- 8 hours of gameplay (depending on the game chosen), 45W power supply with 1.5m cable, case and Steam profile pack.

Steam Deck with the system running

The model with the 64GB SSD doesn’t have anti-reflective glass, but it has similar features to the other. The smaller footprint is also clearly felt. Some games are so big that you won’t be able to fit them into 64GB space. You can always purchase a Micro SD card to expand the available space.

To know all the other details about the offers, we refer you On the Steam Deck sales page, without forgetting, of course, that there are also other models to choose from: a 256GB LCD display at 419 euros, a 512GB OLED display at 569 euros, and a 1TB OLED display at 679 euros. Unfortunately, these models do not benefit from any discount. In fact, Valve has made an offer Only those that went out of productionas clearly stated on the Steam Deck page: “The 64GB and 512GB Steam Deck LCD models will be phased out and will be available while supplies last.”

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