The return of the gladiator Crowe as a tourist among photos and memories: «Magnificent Rome» –

The return of the gladiator Crowe as a tourist among photos and memories: «Magnificent Rome» –
From Paulo Conte

New Zealand actor directs family to visit the Eternal City

Russell Crowe returns to Rome after, after the gladiatora giant by Ridley Scott who in 2000 ensured him world fame, an inextricable link with his general Massimo Decimo Meridio And with the city of Caesars. Painted and white, it presents an informative show according to timeless Hollywood models on the Tiber. First shot next to the Colosseum (I take the kids to see my old office.) Surrounded by the big and smiling family. add cool Trevi Fountain (One of my favorite places in the universeOne of my favorite places in the universe.

Crowe, with his personal escort and on those speedy minibuses that steer clear of traffic jams and other Roman horrors, tells the story that many in the world still wish to hear to continue dreaming of the Roman holidays in Rome (Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn) or Cleopatra (Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton) and they A timeless cult in the collective imagination.

You can’t miss it Private visit to the Sistine Chapel: I’m not sure there’s more special franchise in the world than franchise Sistine Chapel key And live his glory in silence. Very grateful. The tweet contains several images of Michelangelo’s masterpiece. But the visit is really special because Crowe is accompanied by clavigero Gianni Creathe legendary employee of the Vatican Museums who actually keeps the keys to the Sistine Chapel in custody, which is why Crowe talks about the keys and who owns them. Amazement Crowe honest, authentic, instinctive.

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Al Cruz enters together at 5:30 p.m. with the whole family, including the old woman Mom who followed him enthusiastically to Rome because twenty years before she had admired the same places with her husband who had passed away some time ago. Mom told Russell in the elevator: I wish your dad was with us today. At the end of the extraordinary tour, clavigero gave him the keys and granted him the privilege of closing the Sistine Chapel. But the surprises did not end there, as sources in the Vatican Museums later revealed. Because the Crowe family found each other, I went out on Nicchione balconyduring a test Swiss Guard squad. Crowe and his mother were moved, to recognize the same tune used during Pap Crowe’s funeral.

then shots pantheonInside the miracle dome. flaming sunset day Villa Medici. Saint Peter In the glory of the blue sky. Who knows how many Americans will envy him and may decide, these days, to take a plane and treat themselves to a trip to Rome:Capitoline Tourism in excellent health, will be the other numbers that have been added. Crowe also writes a sentence in Italian that is imprecise, and therefore more sympathetic: I am at the service of Rome. And again: photos of the Crowe family on a motorbike under the flying Lungotevere trees.

A golden moment for Rome Big Star Movement: On set Angelina Joliewhich has Dancing at Circus Maximus clapping for two people And yesterday the ex-husband also arrived Brad Pitt for the twins party.C’ Jane Fonda, also at work. Passed successfully Diane Keaton. spot Jessica Alba and Kate Hudsonwho posted a selfie on social media alongside a sumptuous plate of spaghetti with her daughter Rani Rose. American actress Anna Hathaway Catch up on the Valentino Fashion Show in Piazza di Spagna on July 8th.

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Goethe admitted that he was born a second time when he discovered Rome. Maybe it just didn’t happen to him Big trash 2022.

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