The Renault Captur version arrives in Spain, and these are the prices

The Renault Captur version arrives in Spain, and these are the prices

All those who always have Renault As one of the reference brands, you know very well that the French manufacturer has been working together with two of the most important Japanese manufacturers worldwide for many years: April I Mitsubishi.

This association allows these three manufacturers to share technology and, as happens in some cases, even one of them has no problem when offering for sale a model that is no less than an identical copy of the “model of the other two brands”.

A good example of this is Mitsubishi Aska model which, as those who have taken an interest in one of their own well know, is still an exact copy of Renault Yasser But with the only difference that the logo that appears on the front as well as on the steering wheel is the Mitsubishi logo and not the Mitsubishi logo. Renault.

The new Mitsubishi ASX is on sale now

It could be another way, it was first Renault Which provided its own mid-cycle update YasserIt is a model that has clearly changed in terms of design. Now that the French model is already on sale in our country, it is Mitsubishi’s turn to arrive AskThe model, which, as we can see in the pictures, remains an exact copy.

The model that, as with the French option, made the plug-in hybrid option disappear from its mechanical range, now opts for petrol mechanics, the small hybrid petrol and the self-recharging hybrid option that aims to become one of the bestsellers.

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It is true that its starting price is slightly higher than 21.000 euros And many options in between until you reach the best option in everything It costs more than 32,000 euros This may help it achieve good sales figures, but it can be seen that, as with other models, the vast majority of drivers in our country would prefer to go directly to the original model rather than go for a copy.

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