The rebellious Bellorado nuns expel the false bishop they followed from the convent

A new chapter in history He gave the rebellious monks of Belorado, in Burgos. In the last few hours, they left the monastery False Bishop Pablo Rojas And his assistant Jose Ciceromembers of Pia Unio Sancti Pauli Apostoli who followed them.

They both lived with them for a few weeks and became the Poor Clares’ spiritual guides after they expressed their desire to separate from the Catholic Church.

It would have been the departure of the false bishop and the priest Recommendation from the legal team Who advises them in the negotiation process with the archbishop, who demands that they leave the monastery because he insists that they are no longer religious.

The archbishop announced his excommunication last Saturday, and on Monday he announced that he would begin Legal measures against them, but especially against Rojas and Cicero, if they did not leave the monastery within a reasonable period of time.

Inside the Senobi only The ten rebellious nuns and five other elderly women remained there Those who have not been excommunicated, who are still part of society and are now left without spiritual care.

The monastery also has workers and some relatives of the nuns. Some confirmed the departure of Pablo Rojas and Jose Sicaero to various media outlets. at the moment, The Archbishop and members of Pia Unio did not speak On this issue.

The Archbishop will bear debts of around 20,000 euros

For his part, the Archbishop of Burgos insisted that he only communicates with them through brofax, to obtain official documents, or via email, such as the one sent to them by the former head of the monastery, Laura García de Viedma, on Tuesday evening, with Invoices and payroll In an amount exceeding 20 thousand euros.

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The management committee created by Archbishop Mario Isetta, in his capacity as papal legate, will bear all the costs, which include 9,800 euros corresponding to the payment of eleven salaries and another 11,000 for electrical services or raw materials for the workshop, among others.

The payment will be made with funds derived from the Union of Poor Clerics in Arantzazzo, since the accounts of the monastery in which the papal legate intervenes contain only Balance of 6,000 eurosAccording to the bishop.

The monastery does not have enough money to deal with the immediate debts due (Europa Press/Tomás Alonso)

The neighbors are stunned and cut off from the nuns

mayor of bellorado, Alvaro EguiluzHe explained that the residents of the municipality are still “as stunned as the first day” and that their communication with the nuns has been cut off.

The city council wants the monastery to remain open because it is another attraction for residents and has been restored relatively recently. In fact, the goal of the Archbishopric and the Poor Clares Federation is Sending nuns from other monasteries to the community.

The mayor added that despite this, They no longer sell sweets in personPoor Clares continued to do this online and provided truffles to some merchants, he explained in detail.

A dispute that started due to a dispute over ownership

Conflict with Poor Clares in Belorado and the Archbishop It broke out in mid-MayWhen he learned that they wanted to sell the monastery to buy another monastery in Vitoria, but the Catholic hierarchy did not allow them to do so.

They then responded by accusing all popes after Pius XII, who died in 1958, of being self-declared “heretics.” Followers of the Holy Apostolic Church.

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This type of religious system Not recognized by the VaticanIt was founded in 2005 by Pablo de Rojas, who was excommunicated by the Pope in 2019 – and now expelled from the convent by the nuns themselves – and was linked to the rebellious Church of Palmar de Troya, in Seville.

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