The pedalless bike is now the most successful at Decathlon

The pedalless bike is now the most successful at Decathlon

If you are one of those people who love to enjoy holidays or ride a bike on Sunday but also get tired quickly then don’t worry, because Decimal This electric bike brings you a rhythm to your bike ride.

Comfortable seat|saddle.

Electrical assistance

Thanks to the great support and endurance of this electric bike that is provided to us by Decimal Your bike ride will be much better. Whether on the road or on the trails, this bike will accompany you up to 100 kilometers without your legs suffering from pedaling. The built-in 20 lux light will allow you to ride until sunset.

Light 20 lux.


The tires on this awesome electric bike are from Decimal It is versatile, it can travel both on roads and on footpaths. With a wide autonomy that allows up to 100 km in eco mode and the resistance of its reinforced tires, it will make your walks unique. The bike is compatible with child seats and can be transported in the rear luggage racks. If you have 1209.99 euros and want to invest in this wonderful bike, you will have the right insurance.

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