Education postpones allocation of teaching positions for next year until end of July

Education postpones allocation of teaching positions for next year until end of July

BarcelonaThe allocation of places is one of the most anticipated moments for teachers every summer. For the past three years, the bulletin has been issued in early July to give school administrations and teachers starting the school year in a new school time to plan. But this year, the Ministry of Education has postponed the allocation of places for the 2024-2025 school year until the end of this month, with the argument being that the increase in civil servants and temporary teachers is waiting for teachers to be appointed. The workplace has forced the technical team to request more time to ensure the smooth running of the application.

In total, more than 62,000 applications were received between civil servants and temporary workers in this temporary grant process. Also, since teachers can apply for more than one position, more than 3.8 million positions have accumulated. There are currently 30,000 more civil servants than there were two years ago, a fact that according to the current government has led to a sharp increase in the volume of applications and data recorded. These numbers have forced education to adapt the application to ensure priority for civil servants as well as to enter vacancies into the system that will occur from September 1.

This is why the department has announced an extension of the provisional allocation of places until the end of the month. ā€œDespite working hard to maintain the award during the first week of July, we are forced to delay the publication by two weeks so that we can publish the process with all guarantees,ā€ they justified in a letter to professors that was reached at ACN. The announcement is therefore expected to take place in the week of July 22-26.

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“knowing the inconvenience”

From education, they say that the administration “is aware of the inconvenience and anxiety that this fact will cause for teachers”, but they stress that “it is necessary to set priorities and ensure the smooth development of the process and provide security for all people”. The positions are awaiting appointment”. From the teaching section of the CGT union, they expressed their dissatisfaction with the facts and stressed that “the lack of planning by the department leads to delays in deadlines and does not guarantee places for the specialties chosen by teachers”.

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