The optimum flowering of the Shicaranda has arrived in Barcelona

The optimum flowering of the Shicaranda has arrived in Barcelona

the The best time for shikaranda to bloomIt is an exotic tree common in the urban area and in many parks and gardens in Barcelona.

The flowering of the chicaranda plant can vary by several days, up or down. On average, it tends to occur regularly Between the end of May and the beginning of June In the Catalan capital. Can Rebellion between summer and Octoberalbeit in a less flashy way.

The titmouse is one Tree native to South America (Northern Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and southern Bolivia). The mild and temperate climate of the Catalan coast and the city of Barcelona is suitable for this species, as it avoids low temperatures and frost.

they The flowers are large, bell-shaped and purple in colour It does not go unnoticed. They become visible in late spring, just before the new season’s leaves fill the tops, and stand out noticeably against the gray of asphalt and city buildings.

the Its flowers also have another side, the discomfort that can be caused by the sticky resin that accompanies its decaying flowers, as well as the unpleasant odor that accompanies it. He is The price you have to pay to enjoy this amazing visual spectacle Unique and fleeting, lasting only a few days.

More than 3,000 specimens of Barcelona chicory, a tree found in many cities around the world

On the streets of Barcelona there are more than 3,000 specimens of secranda. The Catalan capital is not the only city in the world that grows this species In its streets, but there are many temperate cities in both hemispheres where we can find it.

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Within a month November (Australian spring) blooms strongly in South America, in countries such as Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia, where it is native. city Buenos Aires It turns purple in early November.

Pretoria, South Africaknown by the nickname Shikarandi city. This city with a Mediterranean climate, currently has 70 thousand copies. The flowering season in South Africa is from End of September until mid-NovemberAlthough the best time is mid-October.
a Mexico City and New Delhi (India) Chicandra flowers bloom much earlier than in Barcelona in between Mid-March and April.

Where can we see chickadees in Barcelona?

In Barcelona, ​​we find examples of cycads spread throughout the cityEither isolated or in small groups. The specimen born in 1904, cataloged by the Barcelona City Council and in which it lives Calle d’Alphonse XII49 years old, next to Carrer dels Madrazo.

Sample of chicaranda at the end of May in Eixample

There are also particularly attractive specimens in the Holy Family I for Drasanis Street. In addition, we can find some of them in Plaça del Nord (Gràcia), in Place de Lessepsin Carrer de Guipúscoa, in Rambla de Prim, in Carrers Ferrers, Darnius and Jules Verne, in Avinguda de Pedralbes, in Via Augusta (near General Miter), Glòries Catalanes, Doctor Letamendi and others.

It may also be present in The gardens of Montjuïc, La Pegaso and Dagonal Mare I like Jardins del Clot de la Milleothers.

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