The new Amics de les Arts album will be published on March 5

The new Amics de les Arts album will be published on March 5

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the Friends of the Arts They announced their new album titled The words we choose not to sayIt will be published on March 5, 2024. They made the announcement during the first of two Christmas concerts given by the group at Barcelona's La Paloma hall. The trio revised its repertoire and had some collaborations, among them the most notableCatalan Orfeo, with whom he performed “A Distant Life” and “Louisiana, or the Cotton Fields,” which clearly moved the audience. The singer also took the stage LildamiWith whom they performed “Saps Fer Ho” live for the first time.

The group composed of Joan Enrique Barceló, Ferran Pique and Dani Allegret started the concert by performing several chants and, over the course of almost two hours, showed off their repertoire with some legendary songs such as “Jean-Luc” and “4 -3” -3” or “Things”. It was Paloma’s room Full of Christmas atmosphere, and on some occasions it was even snowing on stage, it was their first time doing a Christmas concert and they said it was very special for them.

Today, Amics de les Arts will repeat the concert in the same room, also with tickets sold, and then they will have a short concert hiatus until the end of February. However, the group confirmed that it will continue at full capacity during the next year.

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