The new American strategy in Africa and the road to peace in Ethiopia

The new American strategy in Africa and the road to peace in Ethiopia

In Ethiopia the military-political movement Tigray People’s Liberation Front The TPLF has been removed from the list of terrorist organizations, which is an important step toward the formation of an interim regional government, he writes Africa. It is a new step forwardImplementation of peace agreements Which in November 2022 ended two years of civil war.

To calm the situation in the country, according to the United States and international organizations, it will be necessary to address the thorny issue of war crimes and responsibilities. A long journey, because the governments of Ethiopia and Eritrea continue to deny the responsibilities of their soldiers to the civilian population of Tigray. This war is considered one of the most serious humanitarian disasters in recent years, as massacres, hunger and rape were used as weapons of war.

The United States is changing its strategy in Africa

The United States abandons the logic of aid in Africa and delegates relations with the countries of the continent to allies. Washington wants to focus on development partnerships and relations with the African diaspora (47 million citizens of the United States). Visit Kamala Harris On the continent, in Ghana, Tanzania and Zambiawhich will end on Saturday, April 1, should be interpreted in the logic of win-win cooperation, which acts as a counterbalance to the already strengthened Chinese presence on the continent.

To change course last December it was African American Summit, when delegates from 49 African countries met with President Joe Biden. “What can we do in Africa” ​​is the motto of this new partnership. Judd Devermont, special advisor to President Joe Biden on African issues, said recently that “the world’s problems must be solved with African partners,” on the basis of strengthening democracy, food security, women’s empowerment, and technological advancement. The goal of the United States is to present itself as the “best partner” and to achieve “Africa boom‘Through diplomacy and economic development, facilitating conditions for investment in strategic sectors.’

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Instability in Tunisia and the Central African Republic

The situation in Tunisia began to cause concern to European and Western chancellors. African youth It states that Tunisian democracy is on the verge of collapse: a severe financial crisis It could cause new migration flows into the European Union and destabilize the entire Middle East region. He notes that without the two-billionaire agreement with the International Monetary Fund, the country faces the risk of implosion Le Figaro. The opposition called President Kais Saied a “disaster”, a president who does not listen to the people and is stubborn about the authoritarian administration of power.

BBC Africa questions aboutAssassination of nine Chinese nationals in the Central African Republic, at a mine site located in Chembolo, in the center of the country. The Alliance of Patriots for Change (a group aiming to overthrow President Faustin-Archange Touadera) is the main suspect in the killings, although the rebel group is betting responsibility for the killing. Wagner Group is present in the country. According to local sources. Militants targeted the construction site at 5 am on Sunday, March 19, targeting the Chinese crew who had only been working on the site for 5 days.

After the departure of the French, the government relied on Russian paramilitaries to protect businesses from rebel gangs. According to BBC Africa, the government plans to strengthen cooperation in the security and military field with China. “This is how we will respect President Xi Jinping’s ambition to make CAR the safest country in the world,” said President Touadera. Potential battlefield between China and Russia in Africa?

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