The mother-daughter ambush at school and is arrested for dressing as a teenager

A Texas mother pretends to be her 13-year-old daughter for infiltrating her school and finds herself with criminal charges.

Casey Garcia has said he wants to test the safety of the Garcia-Enrique Middle School near El Paso, where his daughter is in 7th grade (secondary 1). She wanted to see how far she could go without being found.

The 30-year-old has documented his entire process of transitioning, from one product, to “infiltration,” relatively smoothly.

In the video, Garcia can be seen walking into the school, going to the halls, chatting with other students and staff, and attending classes.

The very adult woman was able to finish a day before being caught. By the end of her class, someone realized that Garcia was not a young man, but a grown woman. She was sent to the principal’s office.

Unfortunately for her, the school administration did not appreciate her “social experience” and the police were called.

The major intrusion took place last Tuesday, but Casey Garcia was not arrested until Friday. He faces charges of falsifying documents and traveling on private land without permission.

It is obvious that many parents were worried about how easy it would be for someone to find their children around. Since its release, the video has gone viral.

Sounds like the Never Bean Kissed movie, but very bizarre.

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