The man helps the little monkey drink some water: her gesture of gratitude is touching

The man helps the little monkey drink some water: her gesture of gratitude is touching

A man helped a monkey drink some water and his reaction was very shocking. His intelligence is enormous

They seem to have become friends in deep harmony, and every time the camera films them, it manages to create very touching scenes. A man was in constant contact with a monkey in the wild and recorded everything and then shared it online. Anyone who has seen the various scenes uploaded to his Instagram profile has been fascinated by the way the animal behaves, which shows that it possesses immense intelligence.

Man helps monkey drink water –

In one of the many videos shared, you can see how he once helped her drink some water The gesture she made was dramatic. There were over 224,000 followers of the @jcpieri account who clicked the like button below the clip uploaded to the above media, while nearly 300 comments showed how impressed users were with these photos.

He is a photographer and director from Marseille, France. To make his much-loved nature recordings, he uses camera models from Lenovo and Canon, but also a GoPro. The chimpanzee is named Chance and he seems to have become really attached to his human friend.

The monkey's gesture towards man is incredible

Among the many immortalized animals, Chance is the undisputed protagonist of the reels shared by @jcpieri. You can see many interesting sketches between the two on this Instagram account. They are part of the Pan family of primate mammals, which includes two distinct species: bonobos, or pygmies, which are smaller and typically live in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; The common chimpanzee, which typically lives in the humid savannas and tropical forests of western and central Africa.

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A man offers water to a monkey (Instagram – @jcpieri) –

Chance is one of those individuals rescued by The latter works in Cameroon, in an attempt to protect and rehabilitate orphaned chimpanzees as well as victims of poaching and trafficking, where they are seized from criminals and then handed over to the competent authorities.

The photographer seemed to hit it off with Chance and she showed her how much she loved him taking care of her. In fact, in front of a small stream, she held his hands and tried to make him understand that he should place them so that he could collect water. When he understood what he had to do, He picks it up and makes him drink it. A gesture that makes us understand all the intelligence of this primate, which seems to lack speech.

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