The IRS expects fewer refunds, while the amount to be refunded rises significantly

The IRS expects fewer refunds, while the amount to be refunded rises significantly

MadridThe campaign to declare income for the year 2024, corresponding to income and expenses for the year 2023, was launched. The IRS mechanism was launched on April 3 and will continue until July 1. Currently, the possibility of submitting advertising is available online. In fact, at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, 523,000 returns had already been submitted, as announced by the Director General of the Tax Agency, Soledad Fernández, at a press conference on Wednesday. “Everyone likes to get paid early,” Fernandez said. Telephone data will not be available until May 7 and face-to-face data until June 3.

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For this year's campaign, the Spanish Tax Agency expects a slight increase in the filing of tax returns by taxpayers: up to 23,281,366 returns, an increase of 1.2% compared to the 2023 campaign. It should be noted that one of the main novelties for this year is that all Self-employed workers submit this declaration. Of the total, 4,051,024 statements are expected to be made in the Catalan delegation (1.1% more than last year). Whether in Spain as a whole or in the Principality, the majority will be individual statements, while only the minority will be joint, and are actually expected to decline.

Increase in income

The organization highlights a significant increase in the result to be paid, that is, in the money that taxpayers will have to return: 18.908 million euros (12.2% more compared to the income of 2023) for the entire country, of which 4.544 million euros correspond to the delegation of Catalonia, 18.4% more. The tax agency has underestimated the impact that inflation may have, which is linked to various causes such as the increase in real estate capital – money that comes from dividends, but also interest earned on bank accounts – and the positive development of profits.

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Lower returns

Regarding refunds, the Tax Agency estimates that 11,650 million euros will be returned to the country as a whole, 1.8% less than in 2023. According to the Authority’s calculations, these refunds will affect approximately 63% of returns (14,614,000 declarations). In the case of the Catalan delegation, the tax agency expects to return 1,790 million (2.8% less). With this data in hand (both what to return and refunds), the Ministry of Finance expects a net input of €7,258 million.

More wealth tax

Regarding wealth tax returns, the Tax Authority expects total income to reach 1,980 million euros, an increase of 61.4% compared to the last campaign. A total of 223,119 taxpayers are expected to declare this tax, 2.8% less than in 2023. In the Catalan case, 88,885 people are expected to declare this tax and income will rise to €664 million (9.7% more ).

The sharp increase in property collection responds, as Fernández pointed out, to the fact that some autonomous communities such as Madrid or Andalusia have introduced changes to rewards to prevent taxpayers from these regions from paying the solidarity tax with great fortunes and, consequently, the money ending up in state coffers. However, we should take into account that governments like Madrid have already anticipated that they will look for “formulas” to return these revenues to affected taxpayers.

Internet game notifications

For the first time, the IRS will release precautionary notices to taxpayers about online gambling. The total number of taxpayers is expected to reach 164,000, as the organization's director explained in a press conference. Besides the usual notices in tax data documents reminding you that you must declare real estate, foreign income or virtual currencies, this year the tax agency will add information for taxpayers who during 2023 conducted online gambling operations that they must declare.

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State proposal: “Experiment”

“It is best to conduct experiments with a level of wisdom, common sense and thinking that does not harm things that are working properly, especially when it comes to providing services to autonomous communities and city councils,” Fernandez said. In response to questions from the press about the General Government's unique funding proposal which proposes that the Government collect 100% of income. According to the proposal, it will be the Catalonia Tax Agency that will collect the total taxes, as do the tax authorities in the Basque Country and Navarre.

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