Abortion in the United States, students and activists protest from Naples: “But in Italy 194 is not applied”

Abortion in the United States, students and activists protest from Naples: “But in Italy 194 is not applied”

Abortion denied: a secret abortion. This is the only killer.It is the symbolic phrase chanted by students, activists, and workers who chose to organize a solidarity protest against the US Supreme Court’s decision to repeal the constitutional right that had guaranteed – since 1973 – voluntary interruption. from pregnancy.

The appointment is set at Largo Enrico Berlinguer. over here, The demonstrators appeared with their limbs covered in red paint “To confirm how violent this decision is and how much it affects women’s bodies.” But not only that, they also chose to bring some metal hangers. A symbolic object – also dyed red – “refers to the ancient practice of clandestine abortion.”

The decision by the Supreme Court of the United States indicates, in effect, that individual states will decide their own abortion law: abortion is already forbidden so far: it is perverted.” Then, pointing to his protest banner reading “You can’t abolish abortion, you can only abolish safe abortion,” he opens with reflection: “Even if a safe abortion is refused, the need to escape will still exist”, referring to the risk of women being subjected to clandestine abortions. “An illegal abortion is femicide,” another phrase revealed by the rally.

But the decision to call this failed mob was not motivated solely by what happened abroad: “We are not here solely for what is happening in the United States. We are here first of all to think about how a violation of a right in another part of the world will affect us – explains Maria Cristina de Chico, activist for the association Accà nisciuno e fess – We can never take the rights we fought for for granted“.

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For 44 years, thanks to Law 194, our country has made abortion legal. “This law, in addition to allowing all pregnant women to make a decision about their bodies and their lives, makes abortion above all a safe medical practice that does not endanger people’s health.” But among the demonstrators there are those who reply with a sign: “The 194 is smart, but it doesn’t work.”. Thus the garrison also turns into an opportunity to denounce the extent to which “this law is only partially applied in our country” and especially in southern Italy: “According to a statistic, it seems that In Campania, we have 88.8% of the opposing doctors in our hospitals. This means that when a person needs to perform IVG they have to go through a very long process and full of problems”, comments Giovanna Giannone, one of the activists who took part in the protest. In addition to the number of conscientious objectors among the Italian medical staff, a “rather small number” of IVG centers and consultants were reported in the area, a number that includes “long queues and often even making an appointment becomes a heroic challenge”.

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