The headache of receiving a shower of millions

Small city councils often complain Excessive bureaucracy What they have to deal with in their daily lives to process regular grants and subsidies. Now, in many cases, additional effort is added, which has to be done especially by those who have received a large amount of money European fonts next generation.

The money should be used primarily to make the leap toward energy efficiency, but it often becomes so A real headache considering that the projects must be implemented by November 2025. Alfarràs, Seròs or Tamarit de Llitera Three examples.

Al-Faras provided four and a half million to promote clean energies

In Alfaras, Sigiriya state, the Ministry of Environmental Transformation granted 4.5 million euros to promote clean energies, The most important demarcation stop is for cities with a population of less than 5,000 people.

In this case, the city council wants to implement about twenty projects with the aim of making energy consumption and lighting more efficient in municipal buildings, including the sports center and school, and promoting the use of electric vehicles and bicycles.

Al Feras Sports Hall, one of the facilities where energy efficiency will be improved (Diputació de Lleida)

The Ministry will provide them with 80% of the support when they submit the works, but before that they must request a loan to pay the costs of drafting the projects. The problem is that they cannot exceed the 110% domestic debt ceiling so they are now trying to solve this problem. Bureaucratic chaos that does not differentiate between large and small municipalities.

According to the mayor. Juan Carlos GarciaBut the risk is that they will end up losing part of this European money due to the rigidity of standards that apply equally in a small municipality as in the demarcating capitals.

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They have already filed a complaint with the Ministry of Ecological Transition and the state government sub-delegation in Lleida, but at the moment they have no clear answers. The request is that they provide all the money Or at least find out when they will charge to start commissioning the first jobs.

It will be difficult to meet deadlines

The problem in Al-Fras is the maximum debt, but there are other cases with difficulties, such as the case of… it will be, also in Segrià. They received one and a half million euros, most of it for a project they now have to modify because the solar park they initially wanted to build on the outskirts of the city to power public lighting ran into problems with the distributor.

In Syros, difficulties relate to the installation of a solar park (3Cat)

They have to redo everything because the signs will have to be placed on rooftops in the city, along with the paperwork that entails. Mayor, Josep Anthony RomaHe also fears that they will not be able to meet deadlines.

“The hype and silverware around aid is all very well, but the implementation afterwards is very complicated.”

until I had to hire an architect full time, But even then they don't know if they will get away with it.

Tamarit de Litera was overwhelmed

There is another case in the sector, in Tamaret de Leterra, which should also receive more than four million. Mayor, Sandra GonzalezHe emphasizes that they are overwhelmed and helpless: “They give you money, leave you alone, and wake up.”

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From the state government sub-delegation in Lleida, they pointed out that the councils already knew the conditions they had to meet when they submitted projects to the call. However, they promise to make it easier for them so they don't lose money.

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