The former Italian ambassador to Belgium reveals who is behind the pro-Russian articles: “I am Hypatia” –

The former Italian ambassador to Belgium reveals who is behind the pro-Russian articles: “I am Hypatia” –

I have written Many articles under the pseudonym Hypatiato”.

Literary and political exit from Elena Basileformer Italian ambassador to Belgium, retired from June 1, which was Wednesday July 5 Everyday fact He signed the article with his real name  «Kiev’s position endangers all Ukrainians » In which he challenged the statements of the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Kuleba A Half past eight On the A7 arguing that «There is no threat to Europe And there would be no invasion if his government advocated a path for his people that could easily be negotiated with Russia and the United States. And that «with statesmen concerned for its people, Ukraine will not be a bankrupt country, artificially kept alive by the West, ruined, putting to death 250,000 very young (approximately) and is about to commit another massacre. According to the will of NATO ».

“The former Italian ambassador to Sweden and Belgium explains to us Perfect workmanship for Russian services on our diplomats abroad » he comments on Twitter Marco Tradash, former deputy Who is interested in the press review of Radio Radicale «Stampa e System».

Hence the unveiling of Elena Basile: “I wrote a lot of it on Fatto Quotidiano, Taradash must read it and he will have a new attack of bile”.

In the newspaper directed by Marco Travaglio, Signed Hypatia Basilamong others: «22 questions about the massacre»,  «Ukraine: No «Resistance»Â», «Ukrainians Sent to Die» and “Diplomats need to talk.”

The point made in some of the comments is valid Covered institutional role.

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Diplomatica, Minister Plenipotentiary, former Ambassador to Sweden and Belgium, admitted that he wrote articles on disinformation and pro-Russian propaganda under a pseudonym. Hypatia’s signature. Is everything alright in Farnesina? commented David Caretta, longtime Radio Radical correspondent in Brussels.

The former ambassador rebuts the accusations: ‘Because I mentioned the Ukrainian government. We are under foreign control. I was directed to the pack dogs, lynched, trying (in vain) to silence me. Are there any contacts between the neoliberal fanatics and the Ukrainian services?

Marco Travaglio smiles at the accusations of publicity: “I find it prestigious that he wrote articles of this caliber explaining what all former ambassadors, generals and military men think. And if some psychopaths think they are all in Putin’s pay, I don’t know what to say.” But that number, 250 thousand young people were killed, which some say It’s fake news spread by the Russians? • Since the war broke out, no fixed number of Ukrainian dead has been given. I don’t know Russians. And I don’t accuse others of taking money from the US Embassy. I just state the facts. And I’m waiting for someone to prove it wrong to me. Instead, the most slanderous accusations of pro-Putinism come from the “guarantors”. Therefore, I ask: Mark Milley, the commander of the US Army, when he said, adding with regret, that Ukraine would not be able to reoccupy the lost territories and that the conflict could only end with negotiations, did he speak to Putin? And the Pope when he spoke of “NATO barking at the gates of Russia”? Â ».

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Farnesina reported, in a note, that “Dr. Basile is no longer an employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and has no role within the department” and that “Dr. Basile’s public demonstrations are no longer in any way reflective of the position of the government or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and are therefore expressed in his personal capacity.” pure ».

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