The First Lady of the United States at the coronation party arrived to Elizabeth II

The First Lady of the United States at the coronation party arrived to Elizabeth II

Jill Biden, the US first lady, will represent the United States at the coronation of King Charles III on May 6. The White House stated that “President Joe Biden spoke with King Charles III and emphasized the strength of the relationship between our two countries and the friendship between our two peoples.” “The President congratulated the King on his highly anticipated coronation and informed him that First Lady Jill Biden looks forward to representing the United States.”

This was the most delicate piece to be resolved: who would arrive from abroad to represent the United States of America at the ceremony in Westminster Abbey. Besides waiting for the decision that Harry and Meghan will make regarding the invitation received by the king. And the choice to send First Lady Jill, who met Queen Elizabeth II at the G7 summit in Cornwall, as well as Charles and Camilla, is a sign of the White House’s great interest in the UK.

It is mentioned that “when Queen Elizabeth was crowned, the United States was represented by an American delegation led by General Marshall and his wife Catherine.” courier Historian Hugo Vickers. At the G7 in Cornwall in 2021, the First Lady of the United States confronted Princess Kate about an early childhood project for the Royal Princess of Wales Foundation. A teacher, proud of the title of Dr. Biden, she instantly clicked with Kate.

Then the eighty-year-old Biden, sources close to the White House have been repeating for days, in short, the age does not allow for fatigue, also considering that he will actually fly across the channel to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the good. Friday agreement. The just-made-official flight from Washington will take him to Belfast, Northern Ireland but also to Dublin. Barack Obama was the last president to visit Belfast in 2013.

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