Biden says he will not withdraw from the White House race unless God tells him to

President of the United States and Democratic nominee for re-election, Joe BidenHe insisted that he would continue in the White House race and confirmed that. He will not leave it unless “God Almighty descends” and requests it.

“If Mr. Almighty came down and said, ‘Joe, get out of the race,’ I would get out of the race. But Mr. Almighty wouldn’t come down. I mean, just on those assumptions.”

Biden’s answer was one. 22-minute interview on ABCTo the host who asked him how he would react if Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi expressed concerns about losing power.

Despite the doubts that have arisen in recent weeks about his health and his lapses, the 81-year-old Biden has remained steadfast in his decision to continue to confront a persistent interlocutor who, in a thousand different ways, Asked if he really believed he was in a position to compete with Trump,.

In fact, he had already tried to dispel any doubts that Thursday, during the Fourth of July celebrations, when he admitted that he should sleep more, work fewer hours and not do events after 8 p.m.

But this is expected. The TV interview was a new test to assess his health condition. After last week’s dismal performance in the debate against Donald Trump, which opened a crisis within the party.

The president made little reference to Trump, except that he is a “pathological liar, a man who would never do anything that wasn’t in his own best interest,” and he asserted once again that no one is better qualified to defeat him than he is. As he did, he recalls, in 2020.

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Biden tried to justify his controversial role in the debate and attributed it to “evil.” coldAnd the tired after trip to europeAlthough after the trip he spent six days holed up at Camp David preparing for the debate.

“Can I run 100 metres in 10 seconds? No, but I’m in good shape. It was all my fault. It was a bad episode, nothing serious. I was tired. I had a bad night, because I felt bad. I asked the doctors to do a coronavirus test to see if I have a bad cold.”

Daily Quiz “Rule the World”

Biden ha Refusal to undergo an independent medical evaluation that includes neurological and cognitive testing He shared the results, and stressed that although if he were re-elected he would be over 85 years old in the White House, his duties as president are a good example of his health, giving the example of conversations with other world leaders.

“I pass the cognitive test every day to rule the world.. Every day I have tests in everything I do.”

The Democratic candidate explained that he always travels everywhere with a team of White House doctors who “don’t hesitate” to tell him when something is wrong.

Since the presidential debate, where he was seen as hesitant and unable to finish sentences or refute Trump’s lies, Biden has been in the eye of the hurricane and a wave of Critics inside and outside the party question his ability to govern..

Biden addresses a campaign event (Reuters)

Some Democrats have publicly called for him to step down, and Biden has criticized the fact that Virginia Democratic Senator Mark Warner is trying to rally a group of senators from his party to pressure him to withdraw: “It’s not going to happen.”

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Democrat has He rejected polls that put him behind Trump. He used the interview to defend the “successes” of his term, citing the development of a Middle East peace plan, which he said was “bearing fruit,” the expansion of NATO or the improvement of the economy. “I did everything they said I couldn’t do,” he said.

However, those who had doubts about whether the president had options to win were hardly dispelled because Biden, though more articulate than he was in the debate with Trump, He wasn’t convinced either.

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