The case of Emanuela Orlandi Brother Pietro, promoter of justice in the Vatican: “Here are my requests”

A few conversations between a Basic and another ecclesiastical Share information about the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi List of bishops Still alive – 40 years after the dreaded June 22, 1983 – can save useful pointers On the plot, an unpublished letter signed by an archbishop Canterbury which can salute English course and contents of the controversy “negotiate” between the examining magistrate of the public prosecutor’s office in Rome and the chiefs of the gendarmerie. Orlandi case Search for the truth in 4 movements. The appointmentannounced before Easter, Eagerly Awaited: Tuesday, April 11th Promoter of justice Holy SeeAlessandro Didiin the Vatican Peter Orlandi With his attorney, Laura Sgro. investigation by ecclesiastical authorities, It was opened in mid-January 2023, and so it has reached a crucial point: on the table – judging by the statements made on the eve of the day – poker is a sensitive issue that has not yet been clarified. He was the same as the older brother A.S Ask to be heard To make the items he collected available to the investigators – Testimonials – Recommendationssupposed clues certificate, investigative scenarios – starting with those acquired recently. “We will ask that witnesses be called,” the lawyer explained.

Ambiguous conversation

The starting point is represented by a thread interchangeable between two High Bishops for about ten years which, today re-examined in the light of subsequent developments, will reveal itself Decisive For the purpose of opening the Vatican investigation. Indeed, Pietro Orlandi had attached an attachment to the complaint made across the Tiber Some screenshots From conversations on WhatsApp between a religious couple, according to him «Close to Pope Francis». The documents to be handed over to Didi’s lawyer, in particular, consist of Four conversation sheets Dating back to the early years of Bergoglio’s pontificate, it deals with the Orlandi affair. Among the interlocutors of this dialogue, there will also be Cardinal Santos April and CastilloHonorary Chair of the Pontifical Church of Santa Maria Maggiore.

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New witnesses in the cassock?

Furthermore, as a second point in their “agenda” set in recent weeks, Orlandi and Sgro will ask Attorney General Didi (following progress in the media) to are being listened to Some witnesses of the times, including the cardinals John the Baptist KingAnd Leonardo Sandri And Stanislav Dziwiszwho was the historical secretary to John Paul II, Archbishop George Gansweintrusted bishop of Benedict XVI, and commander of the gendarmes Dominic Gianni. The latter was questioned a few weeks ago by Pietro Orlandi in connection with assumed knowledge From where Emanuela could have been buried voice It was born of the indiscretion of Pietro himself (not confirmed by those directly involved) in real “negotiations” that took place in 2012 between the then deputy public prosecutor of Rome Giancarlo Capaldo and leaders Vatican Police. “It was one of the most serious facts – it was the words of the disappearance’s brother during the broadcast Tuesday on A 7 – one of the judges, Dr. Capaldo, a few years ago He had a meeting With two representatives of the Vatican State, the chief of the gendarmerie and his deputy … At that moment there was talk of de Pedis’ burial. The Vatican wanted the judiciary to remove De Pedis from Sant’Apollinare because this greatly embarrassed the church and In return Capaldo asked for help As for the question of Emanuela: in particular, if he dies, the return of the corpse. And the answer was no “how dare you!” But “this is fine”, as long as the Public Prosecutor’s Office – and here there was real corruption – concocts a plausible story that removes any responsibility from the Vatican ».

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The English Trail and the Archbishop of Canterbury. He trained the English and Archbishop of Canterbury

Last a question Which, based on the intentions announced by Pietro Orlandi, is probably affrorNT in the interrogation Prosecutor Didi concerns English course. A trace appeared already in 2017, after the publication of a fake expense report stating that the Vatican was going to spend 483 million lire to help the girl until 1997, and more recently. positional return Thanks to the “top secret document” he received courierAnd which speaks of the transfer of the daughter of the papal messenger to London (in the district of South Kensington) after the fifteen-year-old had been taken to Sardinia on the first night, “at the initiative of the sleeping agents of Gladio”, the stay-behind structure promoted by the United States in Cold War time. «We will also bring the documents who is talking about Emanuela’s residence in Englandis a document to be analyzed, and also to understand if it is reliable », explained lawyer Sgrò in recent days, before Pietro Orlandoi (again Tuesdaylast week) opened another front, if not convergent, then at least parallel: «One of the documents for sure I will present For a single justice promoter letter Written in English between Cardinal Poletti (At that time the Vicar of Rome, the same person who gave clearance in the burial of Primate De Pedis at Sant’Apollinare, ed.) and a very high representative of the Church of England. The Archbishop of Canterbury—whose brother had foreseen the disappearance—wrote to Politi in 1993 saying “I understand that you are currently in London… On the question of Emanuela Orlandi, it may be so The case we meet directly“…”

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The Pope wants clarity

Gas fuzzy leaves, the pages of history (maybe) to be rewritten. And for the first time, word of the little girl with soap and water has officially passed to the Vatican judiciary (pending the bicameral commission of inquiry that the Italian Parliament has decided to deal with). An investigation that Pope Francis is following closely, without prejudice to «The will of the Holy See to shed light on the matter – As officially clarified in a memo from the Office of the Promoter of Justice – also in light of recent statements by Pietro Orlandi, Take all possible action In order to reach an accurate reconstruction of events, within the limits of its competence. ([email protected])

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