The Calabrian professor of Montecitorio received an award among 100 Italian distinctions

The Calabrian professor of Montecitorio received an award among 100 Italian distinctions

Physician, educator and science communicator Professor Giorgio Calabrese He is a well-known face on television, but he is also an author, journalist and writer, and also writes columns for magazines and newspapers.

There are many prestigious scientific roles, without forgetting the commitment to solidarity.

Calabrese, a “scientific worker and health ambassador,” was always known for his work as a “high-ranking and respected scientist.”also defined as A Montecitorio, winner of the “100 Italian Excellence” award: one hundred eminent persons, who have distinguished themselves not for one meritorious act, but forTheir entire history as prominent heroes in the life of the country, Achieving outstanding results in their fields of specialization.

The ceremony was organized by the Libre Cultural Association with Ricardo Delana’s Rde Publishing House, under the auspices of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and eleven other ministries and institutional bodies..

“100 Happiness” was presented by journalist and TV presenter Alda Dosanio, with introductory greetings from Chamber Vice President Giorgio Moli. All 100 success story heroes representing sectorsEconomics, science, arts, sports, social and public administrationwas selected by Rde under the supervision of a prestigious honorary committee.

“It gives me great pleasure to receive this award,” commented doctor and nutritionist Giorgio Calabrese – AndHe is chosen as an Italian and European nutritionistamong the three excellences of science together Michele De Bonis, cardiothoracic surgeon at San Raffaele in Milan, and Anna Maria Colao, president of the Italian Society of Endocrinology. “It is also an important recognition because it was awarded by a prestigious jury composed of general directors of ministries and scholars who have already received these awards.”

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Among the winners in various sectors (From entertainment to economics, from arts to sports, from social affairs to public administration) there Paolo Bonolis, Humanitas Institute of Milan, former goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, Pino Insigno, Loris Capirossi, Giuliana De Sio.

Among the many awards he has received in his career, one of the most important is for Calabrese: “Because it is appointed by colleagues who evaluate what you have done and published internationally, how famous you are, institutional positions,” continues Calabrese who, in addition, in his capacity as President of the National Committee For food safety, he is also personal advisor to Ministers Schillaci, Lollobrigida and Bernini.

In recent days, Calabrese’s advice has reached the Vatican regarding Pope Francis’ nutrition: “It should be rich in fiber and low in saturated fats, more complex carbohydrates made from whole grains, extra virgin olive oil, with proteins: more lean meat and, above all, fish.”

A guest on various programs, he is often asked about artificial meat: “It’s a risk we shouldn’t take. We are not talking about relationships: health is here – Calabrese repeats – As I have said on several occasions, it is necessary first to complete scientific studies, to find out what the effects on health might be and then to determine whether it can be produced and sold, and not otherwise.. I am against the use of artificial meat not because I want to prevent research, but because I want to direct it to be ethical and moral.». And maybe artificial meat He will speak again on Saturday, December 16 Invited to Atrego, in Rome“Yes, I must participate. I am waiting for confirmation,” says Calabrese. “I will be there as an independent, without political affiliations, to delve deeper into the topic.”

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Before that, he will be in Modica, witnessing the famous chocolate: “Modica chocolate is the only chocolate in Europe that contains PGI thanks to my scientific report I wrote 15 years ago. Because eating chocolate in a balanced manner and without excess provides the body with energy and helps prevent metabolic diseases».

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