The assassination of Jominal Moss was planned from the Dominican Republic

The assassination of Jominal Moss was planned from the Dominican Republic

The assassination of the Haitian president by an armed commando on July 7 was planned from the neighboring Dominican Republic, and the Haitian police chief announced that he would detain four security officers in solitary confinement. Joanel Moss.

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These developments, announced by Leon Charles on Wednesday evening, only partially answer many of the questions that continue to arise about supporters of the ongoing attack. Joanel Moss was a widely criticized president for a dictatorial coup, and plunged into Haiti’s crisis.

President Joe Biden said Thursday that sending U.S. troops to Haiti is currently “not on the agenda”, despite the small Caribbean nation being on the brink of security chaos.

On Thursday, U.S. Federal Police investigators providing technical assistance to the investigation found the murdered head of state leaving his home, including a computer, an AFP photographer at the scene said.

The fact that the 53-year-old Haitian head of state was able to be killed by the attackers at midnight is openly raising suspicions from the authorities. Mr. Moss was hit by a dozen bullets, with no reaction from the officers responsible for protecting him.

Haitian Police Inspectorate General, Jovnell Moss’s security chief Dmitry Heard and three other officers are being held in solitary confinement, and 24 officers have been subjected to precautionary measures, police chief Leon Charles said.

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Summoned Wednesday by the attorney general’s office in Port-au-Prince. Herald, another defense official for the president, was not shown the same as Jean Lockwell, the division commissioner.

The investigation into the case, cited by several countries, including the United States and Colombia, also appears to be progressing internationally. Haitian police said they had arrested about 20 people, including 18 Colombians and 3 Haitians (two of whom are of American descent). Three more Colombians were killed.

In a photo that has gone viral on social networks in Haiti, you can see two suspects already arrested and former Senator Joel John Joseph participating side by side in a meeting subject to the desired announcement.

According to the Director General of the National Police, these people were planning to assassinate Jovanel Moss in the Dominican Republic, a country that shares the same island as Haiti.

“They met at a hotel in Santo Domingo. Around the desk are intellectual teachers, a technical recruitment team and a fundraising team, ”said Leon Charles.

“Some of the people in the photo have already been arrested. This is the position of Dr. Christian Emmanuel Sanon (and) James Solages. The latter was integrated with the Miami-based Venezuelan security agency CDU, ”he said.

“Antonio Emmanuel Intrio Valera, the head of the company, is in the photo. He entered Haiti several times to plan the massacre. Also in the picture is Walter Windemila, chairman of the Global Capital Credit Group. We are investigating this company, which will raise funds to carry out the crime, ”Leon Charles explained.

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“There was already a group of four (mercenaries) in the country. The others entered on June 6. They passed through the Dominican Republic,” the police chief said.

“They are former soldiers of the Colombian Special Forces. They are experts, they are criminals, ”he said.

On Thursday, the Pentagon confirmed that some of these Colombians had benefited from training sessions provided by the U.S. military during their time in Colombian forces.

Colombian officials say Colombian mercenaries have been assigned to capture Jovanel Moses and hand him over to the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), but they have not ruled out cheating.

According to the mercenary version, the plan was announced Thursday to “organize the arrest of the president and make him available, which is what they say (…), to the DEA.” General George Vargas, Colombian police chief.

For his part, the widow of the assassinated president, who was wounded in the attack and deported to Florida, thanked the people who treated him. Martin Moss tweeted two bed photos of himself from his hospital bed, his features drawn and his right arm completely covered with a bandage.

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