Thanks Bershka for knowing how we want the B side (awesome, with adjustable straps)

Thanks Bershka for knowing how we want the B side (awesome, with adjustable straps)
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For spring, the B-side returns to being the absolute protagonist of our outfits and Bershka had a great idea.

The fashion brand actually is riding The trend of the nineties Which literally conquers the younger generation and which impresses today’s adults who were there in the 90’s and remember them well!

It is an integral part of the latest fashion trends cargo pants and parachutes, Any come very large quantities, with Thigh pocket It is made of fairly light fabrics.

It’s easy to imagine pants of this type They do not emphasize the shapes of the legs. In general, they are not generous with curves side b which is often slightly panicked by a bespoke cut much like a men’s cut.

Often Cargo pants do not completely fit the waist, Especially if you have an hourglass or pear-shaped figure, with full hips and a slim waist. Fortunately, Bershka found the perfect solution (and everyone on Tik Tok noticed it!).

Bershka cargo pants have gone viral on Tik Tok

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most ingenious of all, and that’s what Bershka has shown by bringing it to the market A completely innovative model of cargo pants Which uses a very simple mechanism, thanks to which a single model of trousers perfectly fits the curves of any woman.

Bershka has already decided Put adjustable straps on the tape around the waist, Where the button and loops are usually sewn. Simply by sliding the zip ties It will be possible to completely adjust the width of the waist, Without having to resort to a belt or some DIY system. This way, you can wear very tight tops without the belt buckle creating an unpleasant thickness and, obviously, The B side will have a screaming look!

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How much do Bershka cargo pants cost?

This innovative Bershka model is in the brand catalog with description
Adjustable straight loose fit pants. The basic features are always the same: adjustable straps at the sides, a straight leg of medium width, and large side pockets.

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What changes Colors, They are all very basic and therefore adaptable to any type of look. Made from 100% cotton (so they feel like lightweight jeans) these cargo pants are on sale at 29.99 euros in color grey, black, sage green, white and sand color.

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