I contracted the virus while traveling around Europe. It’s a war, I don’t understand the problem of no fax »- Corriere.it

From Elvira cira

The positive singer will not be in Petroselli in Bari on New Year’s Eve. I got three shots of the shot and the flu shot, too. I’m at home with my kids and Loredana Lecciso. I cook and walk in the woods

Albano is positive. How is that possible?

I can’t explain it to myself. I’ve had all three vaccinations, most recently on December 6th, as well as the flu shot.

Can there be too much at Christmas?

But no, we weren’t many. All are stored. In Zagreb, with Kristel and Davor and their children: Kai, three and a half years, Kasia, two years and the little girl Rio, three months. There was also my daughter Romina. It was a beautiful birthday.

Maybe by plane?

But who knows… I’ve actually been around a lot. I arrived in Croatia from Barcelona, ​​where I performed in the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar for the Montserrat Cabal Foundation: it was me and my girlfriend, and we had several concerts together. Even before that I was in Albania for a telecast on December 24: I also met President Ilir Meta.

Perhaps it could have happened while returning to Puglia from Zagreb.

I’ve made many layovers…but I feel great, I’m from God, and I have no symptoms!.

A prisoner in the house.

But yes, with my children Bedouin and Jasmine. And with Loredana.


Romina and Loredana are first the mothers of my children, and therefore are sacred. This is not the result of my mind, but the result of the things I received as a child.

His mother died before the outbreak of the epidemic.

She left on tiptoe on December 11, 2019. She was now at the end of her earthly journey….

In the video he posted on Instagram, he says he doesn’t understand any fake messages. However, he would have met some during these two years approximately.

Yes, I met someone. But what do you have to tell him? I don’t even know why they didn’t become corrupt. With everything spinning like someone puts their hand on the fire and then says it doesn’t burn. For them, fire is just a fantasy, others see it. Instead this is World War III and the Dirty Enemy Virus.

Did you change a lot of plans?

Meanwhile, I feel, I was also going to sing on New Year’s Eve, but you have to abide by these sacred rules to be respected. Throughout my spare tour. I’m supposed to go to the US in March. We’ll see.

Has your tourist village been affected by the crisis?

Like all activities. Also because taxes arrive on time anyway! I do not consider myself an entrepreneur, but a man of passion: I have done all things out of great passion, and since I hate to stop, when I was not singing, I have done the rest, from my wine cellar to the tourist village.

Do you have a lot of reservations for New Years Eve?

I know he’s full, but he won’t be able to show it to me, on the contrary. I told you: I am a prisoner, like Gulliver.

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