Take the kiss among the famous Faces of Isle: a hot scene that ignites the imagination at night

Take the kiss among the famous Faces of Isle: a hot scene that ignites the imagination at night
Enrico Papi, Ilary Blasi and Vladimir Luxuria – Solospettacolo.it

During a hot Honduras afternoon, the first kiss takes place between the contestants on the famous The Island of the: Here they are the champions of …

This year’s edition of Isola dei Famosi It promises to be full of surprises and special momentsthanks to a promising cast full of unique characters.

Furthermore, for contributing to the success of the reality show There was certainly controversy that filled newspapers before its inception.

In fact, there were rumors of a potential cold war between Ilary Blassie and Alvin that would have resulted in the latter being excluded from the programme. Sister Christina’s participation also caused a lot of discussionbetween detractors and fans.

Now that the Isola dei Famosi has begun, so have the first interactions between the competitors, between quarrels and even gestures of closeness. Someone even shared a first kiss. Will it be the first in a long line?

A kiss between two L’Isola dei Famosi competitors: here’s what happened

There is no shortage of surprises in this edition of L’Isola dei Famosi. In fact, after just over a week they started First tensions between shipwrecks in Honduras. Someone has already quarreled, which indicates that he has a character that is not sweet at all. We are talking about Natalie Caldonzzo, very strong and assertive, had an argument with Alessandro Cecchi Pawnee. The man even called her a fishmonger, acting in bad taste that no one expected. The actress was also the heroine of the reality show First Kiss. In fact, the woman kissed Luca Vetroni.

Helena Prestes was Helena Prestes, the deity’s predecessor to this gesture of tenderness. In fact, the contestants were bored and to pass the time, distracted from the heat, they decided to play a game of bottle. In reality, In the absence of a bottle, they used a small stick. After the first round, Serendipity chose Nathalie Caldonnazzo as penance. At first she was supposed to accept Christopher Leoni but the boy didn’t want to take part in the game and decided to leave. Fate decided so The actress should have kissed Luca Vetroni to which he replied in the affirmative. It was their first kiss on the island.

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Natalie Caldonnazzo – Solospettacolo.it

Shocking revelation while playing the bottle

While the castaways were having fun playing the bottle, some interesting confessions came to light. One of these was made by Fiore Argento to which she revealed that she is not attracted to any of the contestants.

When asked who among the other islanders she was attracted to, she replied, “Who do I like? No, I don’t like anyone, But if I really had to give you a name, I’d tell you Marco MazzoliAt that point, Corinne Cleary decided to carefully analyze the boy’s appearance.

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