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From Francesco Battistini

The former minister and banker, the de facto leader of the opposition: in 2013 his wife Shlbaeva and his daughter were arrested and extradited to Italy: Italian companies deal with the Kazakh dictator

The crowd gathered and tried to march to Nazarbayev’s residence in Almaty. He ended up standing in front of him, as he was about to run away with him daughter darija: The plane was ready for Abu Dhabi. To repel the demonstrators, the police began Rubber bullets. But then, when the demonstrators stormed, snipers appeared. To shoot real bullets. Whoever was there, tell me that They killed at least fifty people…Four years have passed since his home in Paris A former minister, ex-banker and dissident Mukhtar Ablyazov It connects every day with Kazakhstan. Indeed the head of the opposition at ESI
mess: RSometimes discussed, accused by the regime of embezzlement and financial crimes also in Russia and for this reason was arrested in France but Actually a leader. What’s more, online 24 hours a day: When Putin and the regime say someone is maneuvering the protest from abroad, everyone thinks of America. No, they are talking about France. Because I am a refugee in France. I am their number one enemy.

Now a real revolution…

The regime took off his mask and showed his bloodthirsty face. What other tyrant in the world would shoot a crowd like this? Not even Lukashenko in Belarus… the international community should ban Kazakhstan, and stop doing business.

But why now?

Real revolutions come on their own. When you least expect them. Seen with Arabian Springs. Or in Iran with science, and in these countries, as in Kazakhstan, the revolution arose from a long repression. It is working to educate the population about disobedience. Four years ago, I explain how to get out of this situation. The question was not whether the Kazakhs would ever hunt Nazarbayev but when.

But really no foreign power is blowing fire?

This country is not Ukraine, where other countries such as Poland have strong interests. Here we always say about Turkey and its role, but this revolution is not supported by external forces.

Is Kazakhstan a bargaining chip in the Ukrainian issue?

The issue will certainly enter the negotiations between the Americans and the Russians.

The West realized belatedly Nazarbayev who?

If we look at the dictatorships of monsters, then the West is the hand that fed the monster. Nazarbayev became more powerful because the West turned a blind eye to corruption and crime. On billions from his and his family’s investments. He’s not doing anything now, so let Putin keep Kazakhstan under his shoes.

Even in Italy, Mr. Ablyazov, nothing was known about you until 2013. Until your wife Shlbaeva and her daughter ended up at the center of an international case, and the Italian services arrested her and inexplicably extradited to Kazakhstan …

This is a good example. After that, Italy did nothing: you have Nazarbayev’s treasures and possessions, but nothing happened. There is business between him and Italian companies, cooperation agreements, but no sanctions have ever been imposed. These are the things that give power to dictators, allow them to do everything and do no harm. A large Italian bank such as Unicredit played a role in buying and selling the assets of the Nazarbayev family. In 2007, an associate of the dictator, Bulat Utimuratov, sold his Atf Bank to Unicredit for $2.1 billion. Six years later, Unicredit sold it for 493 million to a wealthy Kazakh businessman, Akhmadzan Yesimov, the former mayor of Almaty, who, in turn, handed it over to a bank owned by Nazarbayev. No one ever stopped this process: when my wife and daughter had already been kidnapped, the dictator earned hundreds of millions …

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Will Europe move?

I wrote to the President of the United States, to all European heads of state. To demand the imposition of sanctions on the regime. Nazarbayev’s interests are lobbies everywhere. We can’t leave everything to Putin

What about the Islamic threat? Sunni Kazakhstan is a stone’s throw from Afghanistan…

No, this is the old disinformation of the regime, which has long used its geographical location to make the West believe it is fighting fundamentalism. Kazakhs are religious, but also educated. We are not Afghanistan.

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