Take advantage of incentives, there are many

Take advantage of incentives, there are many
Fireplace – Image by pixabay – Horizonnergia.it

Cauldron Bonus: Will It Really Be Merry Christmas for Europe?

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Candles – Image by pixabay – Horizonnergia.it

Basically heating your own apartment, in this apartment December 2022It is a difficult task if you want to be able to keep the state of your money unchanged. The most rosy scenario predicts that in a few years we will be able to complete the transition to the so-called “alternative energiesAn essential step in the transition to sustainability.

The problem that immediately emerged with the gas supply was cut off was the sudden growth in market demand for pellet stoves and wood in general. This phenomenon certainly contrasts with the ostentatious ecological visions of European politics: more firewood equals more cut down trees.

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In addition to the growth in demand for pellet and wood stoves, the price of these basic winter necessities has gone up, as has fuel, gas and methane at the same time. Aside from the more or less plausible conspiracy theories and supposed market maneuvers that have been carried out, one thing is for sure: This winter is going to be cold for us. governor.

How did the Italian government react to the situation? There are many Italian families who can’t afford the weight of bills at the end of the month for one thing is for sure, similar prices we’ve never seen before on gas and electricity. There are dedicated rewards and incentives to deal with stressful situation

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In addition to the energy bonus suggested byEuropean Union And translated into Italy in the famous 150 euros to be deducted from the bill, there are tax breaks for those who want to buy the latest generation of devices, and therefore more environmentally friendly. Today, at the start of winter, we’re talking about the bounty offered for installing wood-burning stoves and pellet boilers.

Tax exemptions divided by regions

The respective tax benefits provide for a reduction of up to 65% of the total of the expenses that will be incurred to replace your system with a new one. In addition to the bonus just mentioned, there are invitations to tenders that can be submitted in the regions of Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna and all over Italy.

For some regions, in compliance with the specified bids, it is possible to cover the total required expenses up to 100% thanks to additional subsidies. Costs must be directed towards building a new heating system. Then there’s the house bonus to consider, straight to geared at Private homes and condominiums.

The above provides for a discount 50% of expenses if installing a biomass heat generator, which is an environmentally friendly system that is beneficial to the environment. Finally, there is a bonus for companies, which is a white certification intended to replace or install from scratch thermal energy systems from renewable sources, such as photovoltaic systems.

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