Swimming pool rental app is creating problems in USA

Swimming pool rental app is creating problems in USA

An app in Maryland allows homeowners to rent swimming pools on their buildings, an option that divides residents of Montgomery County, and now the local government wants to regulate this form of temporary rental.

Those who don’t like the app complain about unwanted neighbors who constantly crowd the quiet residential streets. “Our region has been overcome,” Constance Keegan reports for The Washington Post, explaining that the region is one of the first in the USA to test these possibilities.

Apps of this type allow you to rent pools, home gyms, and patios, and they are mostly unregulated. Many jurisdictions, from the city of San Jose, to various cities in New Jersey and Wisconsin, have attempted to ban or regulate these types of rentals, or at least establish rules for renting private pools according to the required safety standards for public pools (ensuring safety and cleanliness).

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Many homeowners are attracted by the easy earnings possible from renting garden ponds, the possibility offered by unclear legislation, and by the lack of specific regulations without which the boundaries of what is and is not possible are not understood.

Major complaints they Disturbing noises that disturb other neighbours, people who find themselves strangers in condominium yards, crowded streets, reduced street parking.

Owners of some homes with pools have posted signs such as you swim at your own risk, and that pools are not supervised by lifeguards. In Italy, in tourist and communal pools, the assistance of the bathers is obligatory, and is guaranteed throughout the pool’s operating hours.

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With regard to swimming pools in tourist accommodation facilities, camp sites, tourist villages and the like, reference is made to the Ministry of the Interior Decree of March 18, 1996 (“Safety Standards for the Construction and Operation of Sports Facilities”) and the agreements concluded between the Minister of Health and the Regions for health-hygienic aspects.

In Italy, the government is evaluating a system to regulate short-term rentals of homes, including those via Airbnb, which is considered one of the main reasons for rising rents in large cities.

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