Starfield will drive players crazy, and lead designer Emil Pagliarulo – guarantees

Starfield will drive players crazy, and lead designer Emil Pagliarulo – guarantees

starfield will make Drive players crazy: words of Emile Pagliarolo, chief designer From the Bethesda title on Xbox Series X | S and PC on November 11, it was delivered in a lengthy interview published on the publisher’s official website.

“During pre-production, we had the fun (and very challenging) task of creating the foundations from scratch for a whole new narrative world, our first. original intellectual property In more than 20 years of activity,” said Pagliarolo, referring to the first moments of development. What are the main settings? Who are the main characters? And above all, what role do they play in the plot? “

Although someone is talking about a late release date for Starfield, the chief designer’s words refer to production pretty much completewhich is currently in a long and difficult phase of testing and improvement.

“It was exciting to witness the process that gradually led to becoming a Starfield great game, also taking into account what was created from scratch. There is a stage in game development where everything seems like a jumble of bullshit, especially in the beginning, because… guess what? This is exactly how game development works! “

“But then comes a point where the systems really start to work and everything seems to blend into a well-defined mix and the vision that guided you when you started this crazy journey begins to emerge. When this happened with Starfield, I thought: ‘Oh.’ Oh, wow. Yeah… it’s… it’s a very special thing. Players are going crazy now We just have to finish it!

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