A giant tank worth $200,000

A giant tank worth 0,000

If the end of the world happens, Drake He would be more than prepared, with his new expensive car. Designed specifically for the end times, it is… Super truck Truly original, brimming with personality and energy. To achieve this, the Canadian rapper, known throughout the world, consulted real specialists, namely young people from Manufacturing the end of the world. The result is an impenetrable, powerful car that pushes all limits, fit for a millionaire.

Five driving modes

The vast fortunes amassed by the singer have allowed him to enter in style into the club of celebrities who are reserved and prepared for a potential apocalypse. Who buy tanks like Tesla Cybertruck or custom armored cars. The newest addition to the fleet promises to be an imposing and “bad” looking car. Be an off-road enthusiast.

It has five different driving modes for off-road driving. In addition, the cooling system increases its efficiency Desert heat resistance. In the case of a (remote) used in extreme racing, it will have a lot to offer. Technically, it offers many interesting ideas, which justifies its hefty price.

In order to get it, the music star agreed to spend $200,000 In Apocalypse Manufacturing’s super truck. And who knows what adventures he will have: no path will inspire fear. In the past, the same company created a shocking redesign of the Ram 1500 TRX truck for Shaquille O’Neal, the basketball legend, who is now a famous sports commentator.

Other proposals included in the range have evocative names, such as Warlord and Juggernaut. The first identifies a military leader who has authority and control over an area, often seen in periods of chaos. The second is an unstoppable and ruthless vehicle or person; The term comes from Hindu mythology, where a juggernaut was a sacred chariot, believed to be driven by the gods themselves. It goes without saying that the exotic names help to emphasize the strong and solid essence of armored vehicles.

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“Mobile fortress”

Drake’s model is the “mobile castle”. No one would be able to scratch it, even if they wanted to: with riveted and armored doors, Huge 40 inch tires The explosion of aggression raises some fear at first glance. Powered by a 6.2-liter Hemi Hellcat V8 capable of producing up to 870 horsepower. 882 hp In our measurement system. As we mentioned at the beginning, it includes five driving modes: Sport, Drag Race, Baja, Rock and Mud.

Additionally, Drake wanted to customize the interior design to include… Siberian tiger wallpaper. A display of class in true rapper style, and an environment in which you often show it to the world. But behind the “little gift” that Drake wanted to give himself, there was also a second reason: to defend himself from possible attacks by bad guys. For this reason, it has also invested a whopping $15 million in Texas, in a fortress equipped with maximum security solutions. But that did not prevent him from visiting the intruders on two occasions. The property spans 313 acres and includes an organic farm, a tennis court, and a huge swimming pool.

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