Phil Spencer Talks About Price, It’s the Real Reason for Project Cancellation –

Phil Spencer Talks About Price, It’s the Real Reason for Project Cancellation –

Phil Spencer We talked about Xbox Keystonedevice for Cloud gaming Xbox. The head of Xbox revealed pricing details, revealing that one of the reasons the product was not marketed was the high cost.

Specifically, it was made clear that the Xbox Keystone was made in just nine months. Unfortunately, some of the ingredients chosen to make this product prevented it from reaching the stated price. As indicated, Phil Spencer wished he could Xbox Keystone selling for $129.99but with a controller included.

The price stems from the fact that Microsoft already offers the Xbox Series S starting at an official price of €299.99, and with the offers, it’s easy to find them for even less. Suggest an entire cloud device to file The price is not lower enough Compared to the Xbox Series S, it obviously wouldn’t make much sense, since the console already allows you to play in the cloud if you want to.

However, as shown, Phil Spencer still thinks so In the future It will be possible to reach the correct price for this type of product. It is also said that the product is actually working very well now, so the technology behind Xbox Keystone has no problems whatsoever. It bodes well for the future of the Xbox cloud.

Then Spencer remembers that at the moment Microsoft has cooperated with him Samsung for the TV app As for cloud gaming, according to him, the company is very satisfied with the results. So, for now, if you want easy cloud gaming on any type of TV, the solution is still the Xbox Series S.

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Spencer confirmed once again that Call of Duty will remain on PlayStation for the long term.

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