“Summary Executions of Prisoners” – Il Tempo

“Summary Executions of Prisoners” – Il Tempo

Invitation to both sides. UN human rights monitors have documented scores of summary killings of Ukrainian and Russian prisoners of war, as well as the use of torture, human shields, and other abuses that may amount to war crimes. This is revealed by a new UN report on the conflict in Ukraine, published with an update on human rights violations as a whole, in a six-month period ending in January. The report is based on interviews with about 400 prisoners of war, half of whom were released Ukrainians and the other half Russians held by Kiev. The team said it had no access to prisoners of war held in Russia or in Russian-occupied parts of Ukraine, having identified 48 detention sites. However, the mission said it had documented around 40 summary executions during the 13-month war.

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“We are deeply concerned about the documented immediate execution of 25 Russian prisoners of war and persons ordered to fight by the Armed Forces of Ukraine,” Matilda Bogner, head of the UN monitoring mission, said during a news conference in Kiev. Bogner later added, “We are also deeply concerned about the summary execution of 15 Ukrainian prisoners of war shortly after their capture by the Russian army,” explaining that “the Wagner Group carried out 11 executions.” The report also documented five cases in which Ukrainian prisoners of war died after being subjected to torture and four deaths due to lack of medical treatment while incarcerated. In war there are no saints.

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