Kosovo and Serbia, tension is rising: Belgrade alerts the army

Kosovo and Serbia, tension is rising: Belgrade alerts the army

Belgrade Army Alerts – Belgrade accuses Pristina of seeking the complete expulsion of Serbs from Kosovo (about 120,000 out of a total population of about two million, largely concentrated in the north). In the face of Pristina’s growing intolerance of the continued barriers and barriers that impede transport and communications in northern Kosovo and in some cases completely paralyze it, and in response to threats to use force to remove the blockade, the Serbian President announced Alexander VucicHe, in his capacity as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, ordered, on Monday evening, to declare the state of high alert of the army and police forces of Serbia, the forces ready to intervene on the ground to protect the Serb population and in the event of attacks and violence.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic He was clear, he said that if there were attacks against the Serbs, if the Kosovo Force, the NATO force in Kosovo, did not intervene, it would be the Serb forces who would intervene. A decision that has heightened tensions, with fears of a possible new armed conflict in the Balkans, where its already chronic instability is affected by the consequences of the imminent Russian-Ukrainian virus outbreak. And while the Serbian Minister of Defense and Chief of Staff, General Milan Mojcilovic, were inspecting army units stationed near the border between Serbia and Kosovo, in the past few hours the tone of the confrontation between Pristina and Belgrade escalated, with mutual accusations of wanting. To aggravate the situation and find an excuse to enter into armed confrontation.

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The Porphyrig Affair – The accusations were repeated by President Vucic, who met the Serbian Orthodox Patriarch in Belgrade porphyrigwho was denied entry to Kosovo by the Pristina authorities on Monday. Porfiri intended to go to Pec (Bia in Albanian), the seat of the Serbian Patriarchate in Kosovo. “To us, the Patriarchate of Pecs is like the Vatican to Catholics,” Porfirig said, calling the ban unacceptable. “It is as if the Pope is forbidden to go to the Vatican,” noted the patriarch, who described the situation in Kosovo as “extremely dangerous.” At the end of the conversation with Vucic, he stressed that it is absolutely necessary to do everything possible to maintain peace and avoid armed confrontation.

For his part, President Vucic reported continuing contacts with international representatives, including the EU envoy Miroslav LajcakWith the aim of resolving the crisis through dialogue and diplomatic means. Also the Minister of the Interior of Kosovo Xhelal Svecla He said that Pristina does not want war, stressing the government’s insistence on fighting crime and terrorism. He said that Pristina wants to resolve the current crisis peacefully and without excesses, denying that units of the Kosovo Security Force are on alert. He said it was pure propaganda spread by Serbia and Russia.

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