Sudan, who are the two putschists Al-Burhan and Hamiti: ‘Their Russian relationship’ scares the United States

Sudan, who are the two putschists Al-Burhan and Hamiti: ‘Their Russian relationship’ scares the United States

Mohamed Dagalo Known as Hemedti, born in 1974, Commander of the Rapid Support Forces which they are proud of 100 thousand militiamenStop in the third row. at 13 They were carrying camels across the borders with Libya and Chad. Passed 10 years in Gaddafi’s country. After stealing 7,000 animals from his family and kidnapping many of his relatives, he returns to Sudan. On April 25 twenty years ago It is in Darfur where the war begins between local ethnic groups and centrally supported Arabs. Hemedti sides with the rebels for six months and then switches over to the government. Be a leader of the Janjaweeddemons on horseback accused of cruelty and massacre.

Abdel Fattah Al-Burhantoday 62 years old, in the same period it was President accused dictator Omar al-Bashir of repression On the Borders of Genocide: A General trained in Egypt And Jordan, a family from the north of the country from which the Sudanese army cadres hail, Burhan returns to Khartoum after doing his dirty work discreetly. In 2013, Bashir invited Hemeti to lead a militia Who, from his point of view, has the task of balancing the strength of the army and acting as a shield.

with persistence The popular uprisings of 2019, also led by women And I started to demonstrate peacefully over the price of bread. Burhan and Hamiti cooperate and overthrow Al-Bashir. For a very brief period, the former camel driver appears to be a suburban dude, but his men are massacring protesters even after the dictator’s downfall. Even the lackluster democratization continues 2021 coupWith the fall of the civilian-led government.

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Hemedti already wants to be president, and Burhan wants to neutralize him by asking his troops to return to the ranks of that army he never saw as an equal: the Rapid Support Forces.

today is US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said he was “deeply concerned” The link between Hemedti, who accumulated a fortune thanks to mercenaries deposited with the Saudis in Yemen and went to Darfur to be smuggled to Russia via the Emirates, with the militias he trained in Libya, Wagner Prigozhin, Putin’s shadow chef. General Khalifa Haftar. a Russian connection.

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