Successfully completedEuropean Citizens Initiative (ICE) Against experimentation that calls for a transition to science animal free Strengthening the European Union’s ban on animals to test ingredients in cosmetics and chemicals. Signatures collected are 1.4 million, which is now going to check with national authorities who have three months to validate the support data. it is necessary 1 million verified signatures of EU citizens to oblige European Commission to continue the initiative.

“L”icepromoted and supported in Europe byOiba with beta And other associations, calling for a plan to end these experiments in the European Union and now commission He will have to prepare it,” he comments Valentina WittHead of External Relations Oipa International. “The Get organized It states that any chemical that may come into contact with humans should be tested on animals if alternative methods are not available. This means that companies can still resort to tricks to continue experimenting on animals with substances that will then return to the cosmetic industry.”

L ‘Oiba He points out that each year about nine million mice, rats, fish, dogs and other animals are used for harsh experiments and other operations in the European Union. Most tests fail to make reliable predictions about effects in humans, but experimenters stick dogs, rabbits, and guinea pigs and deliberately apply potentially toxic chemicals to their shaved skin or push them down their throats, causing the animals to develop tumors or burns or blind them.

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