Is organic food better?

Is organic food better?

Numerous studies prove that organic food is not only healthier (which is likely due to a lack of pesticides or antibiotics) and nutritious (which has not been proven) than “industrial” food, but it is also tastier. Could it be true? It doesn’t look like that, at least as far as fish is concerned.

To verify this, Mausam Budhathoki of the University of Copenhagen asked 92 Danes to sample three types of salmon: conventionally raised, organically raised, and poached. “When participants did not know the origin of the fish, they were traditionally rated as best on average, followed by organic and wild,” he explains in Food Quality and Preference. “On the other hand, if the origin of the fish is revealed to them before testing, the organic will be referred to as the tastiest, and the wild being the second worst and conventional.”

Perception only. Therefore, the degree of sustainability of the salmon influenced the perceived flavour, again demonstrating that factors that should not have a significant impact on taste, can influence it instead. “The plus side is that if you advertise the sustainable origin of food, you make it tastier in the mind of the consumer, which increases demand for more environmentally friendly products.”

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