Study identifies strategy to avoid resistance to cancer treatment

Study identifies strategy to avoid resistance to cancer treatment
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Researchers from Val d’Hebron Research Institute (Friday) And from Independent University de Barcelona (UAB) in studying a new mechanism to sensitize cancer cells to a specific treatment that has not been effective so far due to tumor resistance.

magazine “Cell death & illness“The results have been published a job Which they developed in cooperation withBiomedical Research Institute (Earp) Barcelona and Hospital del Mar Research Institute, report Friday and UAB in a joint statement Thursday.

Alarm clocks Effect These are molecules that bind to their receptors on the cell membrane and lead to death ApoptosisAlthough it achieved good results in the preclinical stages, it did not show the expected effectiveness in clinical trials due to the resistance offered by cancer cells.

Therefore, these are “very promising” treatments, because their recipients Effect They are localized mainly in cancer cells, but not in healthy cells, thus reducing side effects on healthy cells.

Now this research has revealed the molecular mechanism by which cells become resistant to antitumor action Effect It appears that the protein registered ERK5 plays a related role: inhibiting ERK5 with drugs restores the sensitivity of cells to antitumor therapies.

To eliminate cancer cells, work same The immune system is essential: immune cells called normal the killer (Nick) they have Potent antitumor action, mediated in part by pathway activation EffectAnd now the results a job It also shows that ERK5 inhibitors would help enhance this anti-tumor activity in the cells Nick.

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