Stopped in the quarter-finals for Berrettini

Stopped in the quarter-finals for Berrettini

Bad copy, really very far from the original. That was enough for the first two games, but this time it wasn’t. And so on the Italian evening, Matteo Berrettini left the scene in the quarter-finals of the Arizona Tennis Classic, Challenger 175 Super Rich Championship (new class introduced for 2023) with $220,000 prize pool to play On the hard courts of the Phoenix Country Club in the Arizona capital.

The 26-year-old Romanian, No. 23 ATP and first seed in the tournament (wild card), after the success in the first derby match against Mattia Bellucci, the 150th ATP player, in the draw as a lucky loser, again in two sets against Australian VukicAnd No. 186 of the ranking, promoted by the playoffs, sold 64 36 63, After two hours of fighting, to Russian Alexander ShevchenkoNo. 132 ATP, also qualified.

Mathieu continued to run with his serve: 7 aces (but 4 double faults) and 61% of the first time on the field, from which he got 83% of the points. Maluccio with the second serve (only 39% points won) and he’s really bad at returning, on the first serve but also on the opponent’s second serve.

In their first encounter, the first to make a break point was Mathieu who was in the third match opening group He buries the ball in the net after a desperate rebound by his opponent: Blue makes up for it hard first and then goes up 2-1. However, in the seventh game, Berrettini combines half a disaster: the first no-in and Matteo adds a forehand error, an impossible backhand shot into the net, a double fault and other long and wide forehands.

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And the separator (4-3) is introduced. Shevchenko confirms the advantage (5-3) and the Romanian remains in the wake (5-4). In the tenth game, the 22-year-old from Rostov-on-Don misses a set point, with a double fault presents a chance to break the rebound to Berrettini, who does not take advantage of it, then at the second opportunity to close the set he signs 6-4 with a strong first.

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