Stay with me, the final episode leaves everyone speechless: a devastating ending

Stay with me, the final episode leaves everyone speechless: a devastating ending

The “Stay with Me” fantasy is coming to an end. The end of the season is really exciting. Developments reveal large fluctuations.

Television drama is the leading genre in the major Rai network. In fact, every year Rai’s top management tends to program a schedule that gives space to the narrative genre. Stay with me is one of the most popular titles of the 2022-2023 season. Born from the idea of ​​Maurizio Di Giovanni, directed by Monica Volo, stay with me It tells a new and compelling story.

Stay with me – RaiPlay screenshot –

The protagonist is Alessandro Scuderi, a very intelligent Deputy Commissioner. Alessandro, who has the face and voice of Francesco Arca, is a young man who never gives up. Very attached to his work and also to his wife, Paula. The latter, who is pregnant with her first child, is the juvenile judge. But perfection in his work and personal life collide in a dramatic event. In fact, while he was having lunch with his wife in a restaurant, a shooting occurred in which Paula was injured. The young woman loses her child, and when she learns that her husband did not take her to that place by chance, she erects a wall against her husband, blaming him for what happened to her. The relationship between the two enters into crisis, but the arrival of Diego, a multifaceted boy, calls everything into question. The season finale will air on Monday, April 3, which promises to be full of surprises.

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Stay with me, season finale: Alessandro and Paola can’t adopt Diego

Stay with me is one of the biggest news stories of this TV season. Unpublished fiction, not attributed to any television genre. Indeed, despite being a detective story, with stories of investigations, it also emphasizes the private and psychological side. Stay with Me telling us about the topic of adoption that continues to be treated very sparingly on TV. Indeed, after the couple lost their child on the way, they had the opportunity to connect with little Diego, a boy who had lost his father. Previews for the final episode, which will air on Monday, April 3, reveal fascinating turns. Therefore, Diego will come face to face with Terek, a friend of his late father. However, during the meeting, a shot will be fired, which, fortunately, will miss Terek. Alessandro, ready to protect Diego, will ensure that all evidence against the boy disappears.

stay with me
Stay with me – screenshot Rai –

However, someone will appeal to the scene and decide to post it on social networks. And here is the devastating news, little Diego will have to deal with the accusation and the consequences that will follow. Moreover, not only will Paola and Alessandro lose custody of the child, but also the possibility of adoption. It will be a blow for all of them, as they have bonded deeply with each other. Prepare your tissues because there will really be crying.

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