So far they have failed – Il Tempo

So far they have failed – Il Tempo

The Ukrainian advance continues to liberate two more villages from Russian occupation. Marines in Odessa said they had driven Moscow’s army out of the village of Storogov in the Donetsk region, while a separate Zaporozhye regional defense brigade said it had returned the village of Novodarovka to Kiev’s control. Ukrainian forces are also advancing, albeit slowly, in Bakhmut, about 700 meters a day. Moscow denied any advance by Ukraine, saying it had repulsed two attacks in the Donetsk region and killed at least 140 Kiev soldiers. “I cannot say that the offensive has stopped,” Russian President Vladimir Putin commented, “All I can say is that the counter-attack attempts that have been made so far have failed. But the offensive capability of the Kiev regime is still there.”

Disturbing details and then an admission that it is surrender, Putin:

The head of the British Parliament’s Defense Committee, Tobias Ellwood, predicted that Ukraine would launch a “major offensive” in Donbass in the next few days. In the Kremlin, Putin attended the ceremony of awarding state awards on the occasion of Russia Day. During his speech, he called on those present to “patriotism and responsibility for the fate of the Motherland that unite our society at such a difficult moment as the present one for Russia and serve as a reliable support for our participating heroes in the army.” special process”.

Shocking attacks on Berlusconi from Ukraine: a flood of hate and insults

As a sign of his closeness to those same “heroes” on the field, Putin visited wounded soldiers at Vishnevsky Hospital outside Moscow, after he attacked Ukraine, accusing it of hitting civilian and humanitarian targets without any military justification. Instead, ICC representatives will determine whether and what military logic was behind the Nova Kakhovka dam explosion. According to Ukrainian President Zelensky, they visited the Kherson region to “investigate the disaster”. Zelensky said: “It is very important for representatives of international justice to see with their own eyes the consequences of this Russian terrorist act and to see for themselves the continuation of Russian terrorism.” Rafael Grossi, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, also went to Ukraine. In addition to a meeting with Zelensky, Grossi announced that the purpose of his visit is to provide an aid program to the areas affected by the Nova Kakhovka Dam disaster. On his trip he also stopped at the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant to assess the situation.

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