Showcasing gameplay and history of PS5 and PC exclusives –

Ghost Wire Tokyo Finally showing up in depth through a long time View a video Which items have been introduced Story and gameplay From this weird and wonderful first person action by Tango Gameworks in a timeline exclusive to PS5 and PC.

The video traces some elements of the story and setting, then leaves room for real gameplay phases taken from one of the early stages of the game. This is a first-person shooter game that has FPS elements but is definitely more exotic than the average shooter, as it actually relies on magic, special powers and horror veins in real life. Work in the first person.

As shown earlier, he will be the hero of the story Akito, a Japanese boy finds himself in the midst of a kind of metaphysical apocalypse, like one of the few survivors of a mysterious mist that seems to wipe out people. After an accident, Akito fuses with a demon hunter spirit named “KK”, which grants him extraordinary powers to face threats.

The streets of Tokyo, now almost deserted, are populated with disturbing creatures that evoke the tradition of yokai, that is, spirits, ghosts, and strange existences that stem from Japanese folklorewho took over the city. Following the advice of his ghostly companion, Akito will find himself having to manage his new powers, learn spells and figure out how to counter the creatures’ supernatural abilities.

The hero can use a special technology called Ethereal Weaving, which allows you through the movements of hands and arms to manage energy flows and launch powerful attacks against enemies, as well as absorb their essence with a golden thread.

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At the end of the presentation, you can also watch an interview session with Shinji Mikami, Kenji Kimura, Masatoshi Yanagi, Reiko Hirashima, Junya Fujii, Suguru Murakoshi and Tsuyoshi Okugawa from Tango Gameworks, where the developers talked about the different aspects of creating this title a certain.

As we have seen, Ghostwire Tokyo has a file Exit date Set on March 25, 2022 on PS5 and PC, and later on Xbox Series X | S, considering that the development team at this point is the first party for Xbox Game Studios.

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