“Shameful Scenes on Doodle Zan” / “Green Pass? I Believe in Science”.

Journalist and TV presenter Rita Dalla Chiesa, guest of Accordi & Disaccordi, talk about it Ddl Zan Sink in Parliament yesterday: Backstage in Parliament on Zan Ddl they were a shame indescribable. Once again it was a political battle, not over the rights of citizens. Many people had hoped for this law.”

We needed an agreement through mediation – pointing to Rita Dalla Chiesa, present on the broadcast with Andrea Scanzi, Massimo Galli and Francesca Donato to talk about Zan Bill but also the Coronavirus situation -. In a civilized country, the law should give a signal and protect the most vulnerable. Today (Erie, nda) I’ve seen shameful things.”

Rita Dalla Chiesa: “Science Must Be Followed”

Rita Dalla Chiesa Then he spoke to Accordi & Disaccordi last night, and Zan’s bill, too Vaccines and the green lane: “Mine Science must be followed. If Professor Gal spokeI I believe him. A vaccine has arrived, we vaccinate ourselves despite the fears, and we see the release of intensive care.”

The TV presenter and journalist Then he added: “Science has told us this is the right thing to do and we have to believe it. I advise people to get vaccinated. I have the green lane and I don’t feel wrong. We saved the Dragon and the Son. The problem is to say: You can’t work without a green lane“:

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